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hawthorn berry extract for RLS?


Has anyone tried hawthorn berry extract for RLS? If so, did it help? I saw the following comment online, but it doesn't mention how many milligrams this person took. "Hawthorn berry extract provide incredible relief for restless leg syndrome (RLS) and fast! Side effect is that it strengthens the heart! How good is that! I have suffered from RLS for over 40 years and have tried several prescriptions, supplements and suggestions. This works, no downside. It should be standardized to 1.8 percent hyperosides. It is available in health food stores or Swanson’s vitamins. I use 4 capsules a night and there is relief. I promise."

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Hmmm, maybe the person posting worked for a company producing hawthorn berry extract?!

Doing a short search - I've found at least 3 comments on various sites that also attribute Hawthorne Berry to alleviating RLS. It's worth a try - it is mostly a heart supplement, but also attributes use to increased circulation and antioxidant activity. Article on Dr. Axe... draxe.com/hawthorn-berry/

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