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Helloooooo fellow sufferers, so, been trialing Niacin for the last 8 nights, am having varying results but the jist of it is, if i take 2 at bedtime i am away after 5 mins, i usually wake 2 hours later, cannot get my head round that one because legs and feet seem ok, anyway, quick wander about for a couple mins, straight back to land of nod for at least 4 more hours, am starting to feel human again. Anyone else tried this and what results do you get. p.s, am also taking pramipexol although i have to say i do not think they work that well. Niacin caplets were just under £12 off ebay for a hundred. Happy sleeping.

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Ho Vinnybon, trialrd noacin as well, bit took it in the morning - with my other vitamins. No apparent effect, symptoms even got worse during that time. Bi

t that I think os due to tolerance if my main medicine, Targinact.

Shall try the evening approach. I have the inositol nicotinate 500mg. You just mention “2” at bedtime. How many mg is that?

vinnybob777 in reply to LotteM

HI, like you i took one in the morning and felt no difference but 2 at bedtime seems to work. Each caplet is 500mg. hope that helps

LotteM in reply to vinnybob777

Thanks. I am going to try, starting tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you? If I arrive at the same result as you have, then I’d be more than happy!

vinnybob777 in reply to LotteM

I do hope you get the same results as me, dont expect too much too soon, although i did sleep well on the first night, but i have had one bad night, i say bad, i still slept in 2 hour chunks.

Good luck, i hope it goes really well, keep me posted.

So glad it seems to work for you!

I was having major problems with RLS at night. It would practically drive me insane and nothing seemed to work, UNTIL I found this YouTube video of a Dr. Berg, who tied it to a potassium deficiency. I ordered his potassium electrolyte supplement and my RLS is HISTORY! GONE! His supplement is a little expensive in my opinion but the first time I did not mind one bit! After one day of 4 scoops of this drink I had the most amazing night’s sleep. I’ve since been searching for a less expensive alternative and have found one in Ultima Replenisher’s “Ultima Hydrating Electrolyte Powder.” It comes in several flavours. Below is a link to the YouTube video. I was skeptical but I thought, “What the ****? What do I have to lose?” Turns out, it gave me the best night’s sleep I’d had in so very long!

Eryl in reply to markh8995

So if there is too much insulin which reduces absorption, it indicates that you're eating too much sugar and starches which get turned into blood sugar, which is the body's trigger to release insulin. Sugar and starches also feed gut microbes which can reduce the uptake of nutrients, so that may be why you need supplements. The microbes also release neurotransmitters, which can trigger the symptoms of rls.

Basically, save yourself some expense, and instead of buying supplements, just reduce your carb intake.

Syvxdhkoy in reply to markh8995

I too have had success with a potassium supplement but I just add straight potassium citrate (ordered from amazon) to my coffee. Be careful though as too much potassium is dangerous.

Hi, Mark, I, too, am glad you're getting some relief using the potassium supplement. But as another person replied to you, you do need to be careful not to take too much potassium. Not all supplements are safe, and at least here in the USA, they are unregulated, unlike prescription drugs. In particular, it's good to be skeptical about anyone who claims to have found the "real cause" of RLS, and then just happens to sell the product that addresses that cause. Real RLS experts do not sell products. They do not try to gain financially from their advice.

Please do some research on potassium, and make sure that the amount you're taking is within safe limits.

I'm so glad it seems to be helping you. I have taken 2 x 500mg inositol before now with absolutely no problem apart from no RLS! Incidentally, I take a magnesium supplement and have for many years - I think it did help my RLS but maybe with getting older it has just got that bit worse.

Glad for you. Keep us posted.xx

what is Niacin? and what is it supposed to do? can anyone enlighten me?

KellyDBrille in reply to RLSgirl

RLSgirl: Are you kidding? What is niacin? Have you heard of GOOGLE?

There’s probably a nicer way to react to this KellyDBrille.

RLSgirl niacin is one of the B vitamins. You can find out more about it online.

RLSgirl in reply to Lapsedrunner


Have you heard of manners ?

Well, I'm sorry if I was a little blunt, but it got her to respond. And I basically said what Lapsedrunner said -- look it up online. Common sense isn't it?

Anyway, my apologies to RLSgirl. I hope niacin helps her.

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