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Carbs, again


Well, now it looks like I'm going to have to give up my last carb refuge- potato chips. I'm pretty sure that's what was different and drove me nuts with RLS last night. The low carb crowd eats pork skins/rinds. Definitely different and they need a little help with some cream cheese or something, but doable. The better I am at avoiding starch, the better RLS is for me. So now I can't have coffee or chocolate (abdominal cramps the next morning), caffeine, any grain product, starchy vegetables, chips or sugar. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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Some crisps have gluten and/or milk powders so it might be worth trying to rule one of those out first before you give them up completely.

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Agreed, but I went gluten free quite some time ago to get arthritis under control. (It worked.) So just eliminating gluten didn't work for RLS with me. It does seem to be the starchy stuff. I'm hanging onto my dairy- I can't imagine life without that too! And so far, dairy doesn't seem to affect RLS in me. Thank goodness. Oh, BTW, I'd posted about my sister awhile back that gave up her antidepressant and RLS was "resolved". Well, not entirely as it turns out. She's avoiding sugar and crisps/chips as well. But it's always good to figure out SOME of the triggers anyway.

I wish you luck in trying to reduce your carbs, but pork skins/rinds and cream cheese aren't exactly low carb.

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Well, the package says 0 carbs, and cream cheese isn't exactly loaded- 2g in 2T, more than I would eat. And so far, they don't seem to affect RLS. Yay.

Unfortunately, with RLS, or even for general health, we may have to give up things we like (love) in order to find relief. I tried saying, “I want to keep “this” in my diet” - but that attitude didn’t work for me. If I discover I have to give “it” up, I have to, that’s all there is to it. That doesn’t mean it was easy, and for me it was for overall health, not RLS symptoms - food doesn’t seem to be a trigger for me (except for hops - I can’t drink beer). But the principle is the same whether it’s for overall health or for RLS - if I have to give it up, I have to. My nemesis is not loving veggies - that’s still a learning curve for me, but at least I’m on the curve! Good luck with balancing your diet to help with your RLS!

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I heard it explained by a fitness coach, that like sun sensitivity, food sensitivity varies. It's genetic. He gave the example of one person who can eat 200g of carbs daily and remain as thin as a rake while another poison puts on weight as soon as a 20g threshold is crossed. One size does not fit all.

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It’s most definitely true that one size does not fit all. That was part of the point of my comment.

Complex carbs, healthy starches like baked/mashed potatoes, whole grains, corn tortillas, beans, help reduce my symptoms. But slice those potatoes, soak them in hot oil, and pour on the salt and yikes, I'm up all night buzzing from head to toe. So does meat, especially cured, cheese. Plant Based whole foods get the additives, grease, hormones, and toxins out of your system.


EEEKs - That is lonnnnng list. So sorry for that, but as you said...

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