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Three Nights in a Row!?!


I’ve had 3 good nights in a row including sleeping! This is really a strange journey I’m on with this weaning process. This hasn’t happened in months and months! I’ve prepared myself for agony each night and got the opposite! Very strange! I have 4-5 nights left to take 0.5mg then I will go down to 0.25mg for at least a month and then off the Mirapex. I wonder if the 0.5mg is an appropriate dose for me...any ideas anyone?

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That’s wonderful!!! You’re on a roll!

You could keep trying it. Why not if it’s working? If it stops, then continue your withdrawal. I’d take the sleep - what have you got to lose?

Sleep wins every time!

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There you go!!

While you are getting off the Pramipexole, may I ask what ARE you doing? Other meds, diet, exercise. I’m getting worse. Some days better than others...still putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find that perfect formula. Lol I have the feeling we are in the same state RT😜

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I’m taking 600mg of Gabapentin and 0.5mg (right now) of Mirapex. I also take (4) 200mg Ibuprofen in addition to my other meds. I use Magnesium Oil spray on my legs and arms and may or may not be wearing compression stockings. When utterly desperate, I pull out my 2 ice packs and put them over the sheet directly on my legs wherever I feel the greatest intensity. No narcotics or benzos. I have had 3 good nights in a row doing the above. Who knew? It’s different for everyone, I believe.

What kind of compression socks?? I have tried EVERYTHING possible over the years of suffering with this horrible monster called RLS!! Right now I sleep on a magnetic mattress pad?? (Don't see much advantage to that at all) I use ice packs on my lower back and sometimes on my legs too. Epsom Salts Baths, Foot Baths, CBD Oil, Kratom (made me sick), Absolutely every vitamin known to man!!

I am 68 years old and I have had RLS as far back as I can remember...sorry to say but I think the older I get the worse I am!!

I have been up and down with every prescription drug possible. I am still taking Requip... I have got it down to 1/2 of a 0.5 mg 2x a day ... total 0.5mg a day for the most part but I can't seem to get off completely no matter what else I try or take along with the Requip ... I feel so miserable most of the time from no sleep and just the jerking and everything else that goes with this... I am totally depressed and not a nice person to be around anymore truthfully.

What comes next if I ever succeed getting off Requip? Another drug to deal with more side effects sooner or later??

Sorry this is so long and totally pointless actually.

Best of luck to all of you out there. I would not wish RLS on my worst enemy. Unless you have it you cannot imagine what it is!!


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Vein Doctors claim they can cure RLS...I have been to one...they shut down the valves because they are not working properly. Did it get rid of the RLS no but it did get rid of the terrible cramps...where my legs would get like stone. Going in for another visit the pain in my RLS legs have escalated. Time for a check up anyways. The claim if you have spider veins they have a much better result for curing the RLS. My nephew has it and when he comes home from work he elevates his legs...which is what the veins are doing pushing the blood back to the heart. Something to think about. Best of luck...hope you feel better.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon in people posting about their withdrawal from a d/a. As the reduction becomes appreciable they seem to get some good nights. I’ve often wondered about it. I experienced it myself.

I am inclined to agree with Pam. Why not stay at 0.5 for a while and take the sleep? One thing is virtually certain (how I wish it were not), eventually the d/a will bring problems again. At that stage I suppose you could reduce again ... and with luck experience another good period at 0.25mg.

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Yes, I’m going to follow that advice. I agree that I will suffer again, probably sooner rather than later. I will drop down to 0.25mg at that time...oh boy! Should be fun! I appreciate your advice and support!

probably is...many years ago for depression i was on 15 mgs of nardil a day

but found out i could take it once a week and did me just fine. The shrink told

me yep he has heard that from alot of patients on it. Go with how you feel

not what the White coats tell you...good luck.

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