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Ropinerole & Magnesium Citrate

Hi Everyone

Just looking for advice on how I could try magnesium citrate while still taking Ropinerole.

At the moment I'm on 0.25mg Ropinerole and would love to stop taking these and use something more natural. The problem is that I have to not take the ropinerole and then take the Magnesium and if it doesn't work i'm in for a bad night.

Is this the way it has to be or is there a different method.



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I think you can take magnesium citrate with Ropinirole. Why do you think cannot?

If you’re trying to get off that last 0.25 of Ropinirole ask your GP for an opioid painkiller to take for 2/3 weeks while you go through withdrawal. RLS will be awful for those 2/3 weeks after the last dose and you will find sleep difficult.

I needed other meds after Ropinirole to control my RLS - magnesium alone didn’t help at all but you may be one of the lucky few for whom it works.



My experience with getting off of .25 mg of Ropinprole you will be in for more than 1 bad night.It will be more like weeks of bad nights. Again, my experience with Mag. was it was not strong enough to handle my RLS but every one is different. You need a good RLS doctor and not all doctors are equal.

Good luck.



Morning All

Sorry but I may have misled some of you. The guidance I was after was what would be the most effective way to get myself off Ropinerole and on to magnesium knowing that the magnesium would work.

Anyway I took a dose of the Rpoinerole and the Magnesium two nights ago and I'm not sure if it's related but I spent a lot of time on the toilet yesterday. I had read that high doses of magnesium can give problems. I took a 250mg dose.

My wife bought magnesium & zine tablets and not magnesium citrate so I wonder if that had an effect.

jk3842 you said that the bad nights could last two weeks in coming off the ropinerole, what did you actually mean? I know I will have problems as the RLS will not be controlled but do you think I will have some sort of "cold turkey" having been on them for 3 or 4 years now.




Not all magnesiums are the same. Magnesium oxide is the one most likely to cause diarrhea. Magnesium citrate, orotate and a few others don't cause diarrhea tho they keep one nicely loose. You can look this up, or ask at a healthfood shop for advice about this.

Magnesium is one of the things that help with RLS, not the only thing. So consider taking iron (ferrous) bisglycinate, which is an easily absorbable, non-constipating, easy on the stomach form of iron. Several of us on here take it. Both Solgar and Solaray have their products in healthfood shops and on Amazon. 25 mg or so (and you need to build up your iron stores which can be measured, tho I myself don't bother) and then it is advised to take it every other night, for your body to better utilize. Other people on here can tell you about how much your iron level should be if you can have the dr. measure it.

And, tho zinc is not particularly implicated for RLS, zinc oxide is the form that is most likely to 1. cause nausea and vomiting by upsetting the stomach, esp. if your stomach is empty; and 2. be the least absorbed as a mineral, of the forms of zinc. Out of 50 mg zinc oxide only about 7 mg is actually absorbed. A much better form of zinc is zinc picolinate. Very little stomach upset and it is almost 100% absorbed, so one needs a much smaller amount. (I take 20 mg.) So, I mention this so you know that all forms of various minerals (and vitamins) are not the same.

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My post explaining my experience taking ropinerole and using magnesium to treat my RLS may help in your quest to find relief from RLS. I too want to eventually discontinue using ropinerole. Just click on my name to see my post. Good luck.

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