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Help I forgot to get my pramipexole today can'take sleep at all not quite climbing the walls as usual but damn legs won't settle completely tried hot and cold showers massage cocodamol ibruphen it's bad enough that I can't sleep I'm up at 08.00 for work but it looks a sick day for me I'm at my wits end the magnesium has worked really well with the pramipexole 😩😓

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Sorry to hear that. It reminds you how awful untreated RLS can be. I hope you did get some sleep eventually.

It happens, forgetting to pick up your prescription. Happened to me too once, but won’t forget again!

If you can call in sick, do, and try to get your body settled today without messing too much with your ‘sleep hygiene’, i.e. no napoing after, say, 1400hrs, to be tired enough to gall asleep tonight.

And don’t forget to pick up the prami today!!!

Modaly in reply to LotteM

Thanks I didn't get any sleep got the pramipexole and had a snooze feel better but it will be a early night I think thankfully my work understood


So sorry! There is nothing worse than knowing that you’re in for a bad night!

Modaly in reply to Hidden

Thanks had a snooze after getting the meds thankfully my work understood

Hidden in reply to Modaly

So glad!

So sorry you had such a rough time. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Modaly in reply to 3labs

Hi thank you feeling much better but woke up with a cold yesterday didn't stop me drinking with my workmates though

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