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Most effective DA?

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Hi all. My wife has PLMD ever since coming off Citalopram that results in her having a poor sleep quality and me often having to decamp to the spare room 😞. GP has given her Amyltriptaline that we are very uneasy about using due to poor feedback I’ve read. We are due to see different GP soon and we will be requesting a DA as an alternative medication. Which one do you feel is most effective?

(PS she is taking iron supplements daily even though blood tests indicate no deficiency)

Any thoughts/opinions would be very welcome

Thank you


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You are correct, very few RLS sufferers can take amitriptyline without it making their symptoms much, much worse. On the RLS-UK website it is listed as one of the medications to avoid.

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Thanks for the confirmation Karina. Any views on effectiveness of Gabapentin vs the DA drugs?

In researching an answer to your question, I came across this site, which is quite extraordinary in it's clarity and simplicity.

I think you will find an answer in there.

Good luck.

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Very informative Madlegs1. Thank you very much for this. πŸ‘

Well the safest DA in terms of augmentation risk is Ritigotine Neupro patch. The downside is its very expensive compared to the others. X

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Thank you Pippins. Lots of great info for us to look closer at πŸ‘

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