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I'm buying a new bed, but adjustable or normal?

Slightly off topic, but after some ghastly nights last week with symptoms that don't need to be described, I thought it might be an idea to get a new bed. My current one is at least thirty years old, and although of good quality is about twenty years older than the ten years a bed is supposed to last according to the experts (who all probably want to sell beds).

So I did a quick search for beds which are good for back pain (which I've got in addition to rsl), and ordered a Danish-built bed which topped at least one back-friendly bed list. It's a normal, non-adjustable bed (and it's on sale at the mo, too).

But what I was really wondering was whether anyone has any experience of adjustable beds, and whether they might help with at least some of the rls symptoms. Personally, I see no reason why raising the bottom of the bed would make any difference, but you never know.

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I have an adjustable bed, it made no difference to my rls, but it has most definitely improved my back. I now sleep with my feet raised a lot, and my head raised a little, and my back ache has all but gone. I’ve had mine for a year, and have trained myself to sleep on my back, previously I was a side sleeper. I love mine and wouldn’t go back to a standard bed again.


Lovely, thumbs up to your Gmc54 for your encouraging response. I've ordered the adjustable bed, and even if it makes no difference to the rls, it sounds as if it'll benefit back pains. :-)


I love our adjustable bed. Great for my back but not really for RLS although it may help sometimes with the feet end raised to the maximum. Reading is much more comfortable with the head end raised. ;) Breakfast in bed works a treat too. ;)


Ooooh, can't wait until it's delivered. Wonder if there's a bed which does massaging as well?


:) Yep, there are electric beds with this facility, Pluto! :) ;)


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