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Hi, I'm new here and look forward to 'talking' with people who understand RLS. Mine has progressed to being all over my body. I have taken one Norco at bedtime for over 10 years and it usually gets me through the night. I will take 1/2 for the theatre or airplane rides, etc. Lately, though, I'm not making it through the night. Last night was so bad that it put me online and I found this site. I finally took a gabapentin (which had been prescribed a while back, but I hated it as it made me too sleepy to function). I finally slept and woke up miserable and scared. It frightens me to think that this is getting worse. I fight taking more than one Norco a night and and may add one gabepentin at night with the Norco. I'm beginning to feel it in the late afternoon....it feels like something creepy crawling inside of me. I've read more about this than most, and know that it does get worse. I cannot face that. This is crazy making. I will look forward to reading others stories. Kristf

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  • Hi Kristf,

    I have experienced progression of my RLS to the extent that I have gradually had my dosage of Requip increased and, yes, you do wonder about the future and what would happen if the drugs stop working. If I miss my daily dose even by a few hours my legs are very quick to remind me and I immediately start to suffer. On the positive side the development of these drugs is moving on and I have had benefits from this such as accessing slow release versions which reduce the frequency that I have to take the med and also there appear to be more non-med treatments coming on the market and you will hear about them on this website. My hope is that developing treatments will compensate for the fact that my RLS is progressing and that during my lifetime there might even be a cure discovered.

  • I hope you are feeling better. I have RLS in my arms and legs and at time have felt it in my shoulders chests it is a strange feeling. It concerns me too. I am on meripex extended release .75 I use to take 11/2 milligrams of this medicine. I feel like the extended release has helped me live more of a normal life. i feel for you so much it's hard to explain to someone what RLS does to a person and how it makes them feel. I hope you get this under control so you can get rest. I love this group I'm glad I found too.

  • Have you been checked for Fibromyalgia? 😘

  • I haven't been checked for anything else seems like they would have. I'm in the process of changing all my Drs. Tired of not getting the right treatment. I will ask my new family Dr. I will be excited to see if she can help me. I will let you know what I find out. :)

  • Hi welcome , I too get it all over my body and it hurts and some meds make it worse too and mine has got worse . 😇

  • At the moment mine is at the worst it's ever been, seeing a dr on Tuesday again and hope this time they will prescribe something, I get it all over and yes, the pain is terrible

  • Hello Kristf,

    So sorry to hear of your suffering RLS. If a person has never had it, they cannot have any idea how horrible it is.

    I am SOOOO tired all the time from being kept awake night after night with the horrible creepy crawly feeling in my leg muscles and the dreaded uncontrollable spasms of jumping/jerks.

    I have tried taking:- 2xparacetamol, 1x40mg Ibuprofen & 2x 5mg diazepam, before bed.. . . and even that doesn't help. I rub my legs with Voltarol gel. This helps for a while, but not all night. Likewise Biofreeze or Pernaton. But these only bring relief for a short time and are quite expensive, apart from the Voltarol which you may be able to get on prescription.

    Regards 🙂

  • Have you tried Norco? One tablet and hour or so before bed?

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