Restless Legs Syndrome
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Update 3/26/18

UPDATE 3/26/18: Last neurologist visit on 3/21 has me on an agreed upon path of getting off the Neupro patch and all dopamine agonists. Currently still on the Neupro 3mg and now taking Gabapentin 300mg 4 times per day. Instructed to reduce Neupro to 2mg on 4/6/18, then switch to Gabapentin 400mg 3 times per day.

So far the Gapapentin has greatly reduced, almost eliminating, my day time muscle contracting/jerking and I'm actually able to sit for a prolonged time. I hope this continues!

My next visit is 4/11/18 and really don't know what the plan is after that.

I also learned that taking magnesium may decrease the effectiveness of the gabapentin, so I will cease the magnesium.

Thank you for all your helpful comments and for this site which has educated me like no other!


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You can continue with the magnesium, but keep it at least 2 hrs apart from the Gaba.

900 is accepted as the highest effective dose for Gaba. But if it's working and side effects are acceptable, then Happy Days.

You are on a high dose of Neupro and that may well be the major contribution to your well being- so taper down slowly, and good luck.


Thank you!


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