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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have had rls for 18 months

I have rls for 18 months, recently, I've been taking B12 methylcobalam 10000 mcg sub lingual it also has b6 and folic acid in it. It has helped me tremendously. I took 4 mg. of ropinirole a day and often times i would still be up at night. So now i take 2 5000 mcg every morning and I am not taking ropinirole and my feet are great and legs. Just try it! It costs me $17.77 on amazon. What your body doesn't use it excretes, so no harm to you. Please I hope all of you give it a try.

Also my b12 blood test and ferritin blood test were normal before I started this vitamin.

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It took 9 pokes for the lab tech to draw blood on me this morning.

I'm having a complete panel done to investigate RLS further...

Those levels might be included with the tests. My iron better be

back up to at least a 12.0 (was at 10.3) last check. (up from 8.4)

The tests are going to see what my body is doing with the iron

that I take (I guess) ....I had surgery and have had problems

ever since.

It's so complicated. The body, I mean. I have a doctor appointment

today at 1pm. I'm going to bring in this post and ask if I should

or should not use that formula. I feel desperate today. I'm quite

sleep deprived today.

I am going to specifically ask for a sleep study. I feel exhausted

even though I am very physically active, I eat right and

my anxiety is very low...I feel this way even after a perfect

night or two of sleep.


Kathyrose, can you explain what it is your are taking, i havent heard of mcg sub lingual, or methylclobalam, and how did you find out you needed these. . I would normally look them up, but i am to tired today to search.


Dear Elisse, I am taking 2 tablets of methycobalamin b12 5000 mcg b6&folic acid 1 time in the morning under the tongue every day. I have had a remarkable turnabout. no more 4mg. ropinirole, I can sleep now! I wanted to let you know that it is 10000 mcg in all once a day. I hope you will try this vitamin and it will help you also. I felt complete relief in 3 wks. It comes in 60 tabs. Good luck and let me know, please!


I just did a search to see and i understand now what you are taking. But i wouldnt take anything like this without consulting my doctor first.


what is it Elisse ?


Its basically Vitamin B12, but a certain type, the methycobalam is different from the oridinary B12, from what i read and understood. Its says you should consult your doctor before taking.


That should read...ordinary....i am so tired today, cant think or spell straight it seems. lol..


thanks, and im agreeing with you again :)


Kathyrose, you asked me a bit of a strange question on someones post which was, does ropinerole take away dopamine..??


Hi Kathyrose, I have looked up about this B12 + on Amazon UK you can get it here in the UK

60 methycobalamin b12 5000 mcg for £8.99 so i've ordered some, I'll give anything a try,

I'll let you + everyone on this Forum know how i go on!!!. I read the comments left by user's

Of this product on Amazon UK + everyone said it help'd them with their General health issue's, I would suggest to anyone interested in this B12 product to look it up on AmazonUK + read the comment left by people who have used this B12. This is copied from one reviewer on Amazon UK hope it helps, All i would say Kathyrose is everybody is different so 10,000mcg works for you BUT other people might need less than this amount for it to work for them as well as it seem's to do for you BUT thanks for introducing it to my attention.

"I have not been officially declared deficient in B12 by the doctor but as I suffer from many of the symptoms, I decided to give a Vitamin B12 supplement a try. Reading through the Amazon reviews, these seem to be the most highly recommended as they are sub-lingual and therefore more easily absorbed by the system.

I can report that my insomnia has improved considerably. I was only sleeping about one night in seven whereas now I am sleeping much better for about six nights in seven. (I don't want to tempt fate so am crossing fingers here!)

The pins and needles in my hands and feet also seem to have abated somewhat which is great. However, I cannot say that there has been any improvement as regards energy, memory or mental sharpness, hence 4* rating.

The tablets themselves are pleasant - almost non - tasting. They take quite a long time to dissolve under the tongue so although not quite as easy as just swigging one down with some water, it's hardly an ordeal to take one each morning.

Having now finished the bottle of 5000mcg tabs (about two months' worth), I have just started taking the lower 1000mcg dosage and will report back on these in due course."


Popmaster I don't know why you want to discredit me. The very first time I have ever wrote in this or any other blog was just 2 days ago, and it was about b12. so , you could not possibly have tried the b12. I was excited to help who ever I could by telling what just happened to me by takin this form of vit. b12.. I won't write again because i think the people who run this forum do not allow any particular advise to be told. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


ooo, yes, Kathy, please read Popmasters comment again, hes not trying to discredit you at all, hes just showing what he found out about the things you are suggesting, and actually saying hes going to try it !!


Kathyrose, i think you have misunderstood Popmaster's comment, he hasnt tried the B12 yet, he has sent for some, as he wants to try them as he was interested in your post. He has posted someone's comment about the B12 from the Amazon comments.

No one has said anything they shouldnt have done. Those who answered your post, me included, were being cautious about the Vit B12, all i said was i wouldnt take them without asking my doctor first.


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