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Coping at night after hip replacement


After reading reports 2 years ago about long term effects of rls medication I decided to do without. However, I worried about keeping still at night after hip replacement so have elected to go on medication for a few weeks and my pre - op assessment nurse has said lying on my back and keeping still in bed is pretty important. An additional concern has been finding suitable donning and doffing equipment for the essential post op compressiin stockings required for about 6 weeks. I live in a rural area and there's no-one at home to help. Have surfed for days and finally ordered some. Fingers crossed it works. Taking the compression stockings off seems to be the hard bit. Wish I'd asked around earlier. Am sure others will have had similar challenges. I've got to have 2 knees and the other hip done so investing in good mobility aids is worthwhile. I'll report back if they work.

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Speak to the operating/postoperative care team and explain how opiates such as Targinact are licensed to treat RLS and would have the added benefit of dealing with postoperative pain.

The may also be able to put you in contact with an Occupational Therapist who might have solutions to your compression socks, (personally speaking if it were me I'd higher a nubile lady with an aversion to clothes to help :) (or a man if that floats your boat).

Could there be an option of a convalescence home for a few days? Maybe until you get over the worst of it.

Best of luck and wish you a speedy recovery.

Regarding the stockings- perhaps one of those " pick up" sticks for rubbish might help. They come with a hand grip and trigger that allows stuff to be grabbed from about 3 feet away.

Good luck with everything.

I didnt suffer at all from RLS during my stay in hospital after a knee replacement but it came on with a vengeance after I got out. The compression stockings were maddening as it was summer and the built up heat kicked the RLS on. I tolerated them only for 5 weeks- not the recommended 6 weeks as i think they only help against blood clots. The stockings are VERY tight and hard to get on. My Dr offered to send me back to my local hospital in rural QLD for additional care as i live alone to but I didnt need to accept as my daughter offered me to stay with her for 8 weeks. Can you look into services that can come to your home and help you out? HACC maybe?

One can buy compression stockings with zips which might be easier to get on and off. Have never used them so have no knowledge of their effectiveness.

Good Luck Jude

Hi Jude666,

I'm home from hospital a few days after having a total hip replacement, (thr).

Delighted to say that the Op from start to finish went without complications and I am so relieved that the friggin Restless Legs behaved so unbelievable well.

That was my major concern. With the help from this wonderful group I was able to ask the Anesthetist if he would use Zofran ( Anti-sickness) which he did with great success.

Re the dreaded White socks Jude, the hospital gave me 2 pairs to take home. They also provided a Zimmer frame, 👍 and Crutches. I was discharged the day before St Patrick's Day and they 'threw' in a raised toilet seat as Occupational Therapy was closed on Bank Holiday Monday.

You will not be able to put on or take off the socks yourself. Your legs are measured from ankle to knee and circumference of calf. They are like a 2nd skin but you can get used to them quite quickly.

TEDs are the ones the NHS use.

In my box of tricks I also got 40 injections used to prevent clots forming. Nothing to worry about as the needle is no thicker than a hair. 👍

I live alone also Jude and was able to get a carer for 30 minutes each morning. She washes, dresses and changes my Teds, 😂

The main reason that I am getting this help is because after a THR you are not allowed to bend, so you can't wash and dry your nether regions on your own.

Go through your GP who will be able to contact the appropriate people to help you.

A ' Grabber ' or as Madlegs said, ' a Pick up stick' is a must.

Hope this helps Jude and don't be afraid to ask about anything that you are concerned about.


Thanks for all your comments everyone! Had my op on 4 April.

I have to report that the aids I purchased have enabled me to cope without help. Such a relief. The most useful item has been the tool which successfully removes the compression stockings. And I purchased a long handled sponge to apply E45 cream on legs. My progress has been great except for increased rls at night. Am very tired. Aids for tights and stockings work too.

I can now take my springer spaniel for one mile daily walks and then I rest and enjoy netflix.

Jose651 in reply to Jude666

Well done Jude,

I'm delighted to hear that you are well. 👍

J ☘️💃🏻

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