Restless Legs Syndrome
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I had knee surgery 2 weeks ago, could this have made RLS suddenly get worse and will it settle?

Having read a lot more questions and answers on the group, could it be that my knee operation 2 weeks ago has caused my RLS to worsen? I had tramadol every day since the op, my other "good leg" has also got more stiff and sore in the last few weeks but I presumed it was because I was putting more weight through it. I had my 1st knee op in November last year and the one 2 weeks ago was to remove a screw that had come loose. Could this be the reason for worsening and if so, what do you suggest I do about medication, stick to what I had before or stop tramadol?

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I think that after one leg is injured, the other leg does the majority of the work

so it makes sense that it would feel sore from taking on the full load of the body

more often.


Perhaps because you are not able to exercise as much as usual because of being post op that the RLS is playing up. I was told by a surgeon that no two knee ops are the same post op. I have had both replaced two years apart and this proved to be true with me. Both TKRs were a success but I suffered a lot of pain in the day and especially at night for many months. I hope all goes well for you and the RLS improves if you decide to gradually stop the Tramadol.


I do not suffer too badly with RLS thank goodness and have no need for meds for this........ so far. I had a shoulder arthroscopy last Saturday with GA and the past two nights have been hell. I am having to wear those TED stockings and I pulled them off because the symptoms were so bad. It was great to be able to sleep in this morning because I had no urgent commitments to accomplish.I hate those TED stockings but am wearing them again today.


I had two ops, a hernia repair and then a shoulder op within a month. My restless legs flared up with a vengeance and was worse than recovering from the ops!!! Went on a campaign of magnesium oil, iron tablets, vitamins and healthy eating. Finally calmed but not gone completely.


I was twitching like mad in hospital bed every night and I felt really stupid because other patients must've wondered what the hell I was doing! Glad I'm not the only one. I've got to have blood tests next week so I'm holding off on the magnesium etc til then but thanks for all the comments and advice x


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