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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Stretching and rls

Good day everyone!

I was wondering if anyone's symptoms get worse when they stretch? I have tons of tension in my body and have to do lots of stretching. Lately...stretching brings on rls instantly. In fact...its seems that any form of pain in an area is causing my rls to be worse. Cold water hitting my skin also brings on rls instantly. Its so bad sometimes I feel like I'm having a seizure of some kind.

Thanks in advance for any and all comments

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I used to find that the legs became worse while I was performing certain stretches (particularly the glute stretch) but only while I was doing them - usually after I perform the whole routine (about 40 minutes of a series of stretching and yoga exercises) legs would be a lot better. In fairness I usually only do the routine when the legs are playing up so not sure if the offending stretches would induce the legs from nothing).


Gentle stretches r usually recommended. With me they don't seem to help or hurt.


That is why I asked the question. I found it strange that most people report it helping and for me....instantly the sensations happen....and extreme sometimes...why do I respond so differently. Cold water hitting my body is another instant sensation creator. Sprinklers are not my friend.


U may have meant your reply for Involuntarydancer, not sure. I have not had results either way. I have celiac disease and RLS is a frequent neurological component. I have a couple of things that work sometimes and not others, but walking always stops it eventually for at least an hour. I allow 11 to 12 hours sleep and have amber lights for night when I do all the chores that can be done walking around and this is how I learned to cope with life. I sleep in 1 to 2 hour stretches and am happy with an added up total of 6 hours.


Yes: pain creates RLS symptoms for me. Ex: If my toe hurts, my legs jerk.

Yes: stretching causes my legs to jerk and causes the RLS noxious sensation. It is a very unpleasant version of the symptoms.

Anything that is relaxing, causes RLS symptoms: At night I sit stiffly on the edge of our sofa and can’t use the reclining function or the symptoms become intolerable.

Also at night mostly reading, using my phone, computer, tv remote also makes symptoms worse. I can watch tv. But at night the symptoms are always there until mirapex starts to work, usually in an hour.

However, tv that has a very suspenseful or frightening content and puts adrenaline in my system, can stop the symptoms for the duration of the experience. Maybe this fact bears examination.

I put a lidocaine patch on my lower back once because of back pain and I had hours of incredibly horrible restless legs.

If I get into bed too soon after taking mirapex, my symptoms are intense. The comfort and warmth of the bed seems to exacerbate symptoms.

Several family members also suffer from RLS.

I have had symptoms since my early 20’s.

It has gotten worse with age and it happens more often during the day.

I am prone to drowsiness and falling asleep during the day. There is some risk while driving.

This is a terrible condition to have. I hope science finds us a solution. It robs us of peace and comfort for hours of every day and I wonder if the sleep we eventually get is not authentic and doesn't allow for the normal positive processes of sleep.

RLS is very costly to health and happiness.

Unless one suffers from it, there is no understanding how terrible it is.


If you are on a high dose of mirapexin you need to be extremely vigilant about sudden sleep onset. It is a well established side effect of the drug and obviously extremely dangerous, particularly when driving. I had this problem when on the drug. Another problem I had (which I didn’t recognise at the time) was impulse control disorder centering, in my case, around a most uncharacteristic impulse to spend hours internet shopping

If you have been on mirapexin for some time, it may be that you are experiencing the dreaded augmentation which is causing your symptoms to be worse than they need to be. Put it into the search bar on the healthunlocked Rls home page to see. You should also ensure that your serum ferritin levels are high (over 100).


I suffer the daytime drozziness too. I found out recently though that I also suffer from severe sleep apnea (49events /hr on my back, and 15 on my side) So chronic insomnia. I tried Gabipentin for the sleep apnea and pain.....no difference. I do know that sudden distractions can instantly stop the symptoms for me. Very frustrating. Mine started when I was about 8 yrs old...I am now 47. It sure has created problems in my life. I am determined to cure it though. One day at a time!!


I used to think it did but long term stretching ,pulling ,squeezing and manipulating the muscle has made my bones ache . I stretch my legs as far as I can and it makes it worse ,The soles of my feet have started to suffer now . I'm a healthy 34 yr old female and sometimes I wake up feeling like I've been dragged down the road.


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