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Two weeks ago I began taking a new sleeper (for me), and, altho at first, there was no noticeable improvement, after continued perseverance, it finally delivered. I have not slept so well for .... ever. It is called Melatonin and I am successfully accomplishing between 7 to 9 hours uninterrupted sleep every night.

This is what the marketed name is here in Oz ... could be under a different name in your part of the world.

Good luck to those who try it

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Same here.😆

Yes it’s available here in the UK, I was started on it a couple of weeks back due to poor sleep and have only woke up once with bad legs and then after about half hour I was off again. It’s def helping me as well as taking ropinerole, the only thing is apparently it shouldn’t be for long term use though😕

What dosage do you take? What other meds had you tried? Just trying to figure out if your case is mild. Do you have PLMS also?

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Temazepam work well for 30 years, Irmovan for 6 months wasn't that great.

I take Madopar and Sifrol. My specialist describes my lifelong torture with RLS as chronic.

Yes I also have PLMD but the Sifrol controls that.

I also have severe sleep apnea. Used the CRAP machine for 2 years but didn't change my life at all so threw it out.

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Thank you for the reply. Sounds like you've had a rough go of it for sure. I pray the melatonin helps you for a long time.

I take melatonin too.

Melatonin is on the list of over the counter meds that can trigger RLS. It doesn’t do it with everyone.

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