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Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS was a key topic at the World Sleep Society congress

The World Sleep Society exists to advance sleep health worldwide and it fulfils this by promoting and encouraging education, research and patient care throughout the world, acting as a bridge between different sleep societies and cultures, supporting and encouraging worldwide exchange of clinical information and scientific studies related to sleep medicine.

This year’s World Sleep Society congress in Prague was attended by over 2,600 sleep specialists, including some of the world’s leading RLS neurologists. It was extremely encouraging to see RLS feature so heavily on the congress programme, with almost ninety separate RLS sessions, thirty-one presentations and thirty-two oral abstractions. In fact, RLS appeared on the programme more than almost any other sleep disorder.

There has been a fundamental shift over the past few years and the previously much-maligned topic of RLS is now moving into the foreground.

I (Daragh Bogan, Chair of RLS-UK and President of the European Alliance for RLS - EARLS) was amazed by the amount of research being conducted into RLS, from colleges in the USA to sleep centres in Japan, medical schools in the Himalayas to population studies in the Peruvian Andes.

The next significant RLS conference is the EU RLS Study Group (EURLSSG) in December. The EURLSSG is a a non-profit association that brings together experts in the field of RLS who are actively involved in RLS research and dedicated to improving standards for diagnosis and treatment of RLS.

Among the agenda items are New findings on Periodic Leg Movements during Sleep; New Perspectives in RLS drug therapy; RLS Genetics; Epidemiology and Costs of RLS; and a range of topics regarding RLS in Children.

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Is there a link to some of the info they discussed/proposed?


Probably best seen via the congress programme...



Just had a look at this programme etc Fascinating but will need time set aside to read properly. Thank you for the link


Keep up the good work Daragh. Brilliant to hear that this condition is being taken seriously at last.


Sounds promising! Thank you for letting us know!


Thank goodness - at last! Does anyone have any idea whether it would be possible to attend the EU RLS study group meeting as a retired Dr or just an ordinary Jo Bloggs who is keen to learn and hear as much as possible?


Unfortunately the EURLSSG is membership only (and only open to EU-level organisations) but we will be sure to provide a read-out from the meeting.

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Thank you. I will look forward to it. There has to be an answer. It is a horrible condition to live with for those of us who are badly affected. As a retired Dr I also have a fascination about it.


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