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I had a flu jab on Saturday, slept well and on Sunday didn’t have the slightest twitch so reduced my Ropinerole from 1.25 to 1mg last night and slept well again. The interesting thing is that last year I had a flu-like illness and dreading the rls( not being able to be active ) but had no rls. When I put it on the forum several people said they’d experienced a similar effect. Could fighting a virus cause a chemical reaction that is worth investigation?

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  • Can't say about any chemical reaction but what I can say is that unless really REALLY needed flu jabs should be avoided at all costs.

    In the north of Ireland the health service staff avoid it with around 25% getting it, so much so that management are offering draws for days off for those that get it - ask yourself this - if the majority of Drs and Nurses are avoiding it, even though they come into contact with many ill people, why are they doing so?

    You now get the seasonal flu, (which is only protects against one of numerous strains that may or not be prevalent that year) along with swine and avian flu.

    Many vaccines are formed on 'human diploid cells' which is a nice way of saying they are cultured on the cells of aborted fetuses - I wonder why they don't promote that little factoid?

    Glad the RLS has settled.

  • I’m got my first flu shot last October and it caused transverse myelitis which is a very rare condition that there is no cure for.

  • Also we get doses of toxic aluminium as a bonus with the jabs :(

  • Perhaps we should return to aluminium saucepans!!

  • I am sure that aluminium has a lot to do with dementia. we can't escape using it nowadays with foil, linings and containers etc but it is making millions for big business so we don't count... One of my soapbox subjects! :)

  • I’ll put up with dementia if it cures my rls!!!

  • I know just what you mean. Cruel disease.

  • No one should ever get a Flu shot. Much too dangerous.

  • Flu is dangerous, people die from the flu.

  • I think that's very interesting about fighting infections. I've noticed it too and have mused to myself about the cause. I wondered whether was because I ate nothing but that doesn't apply to flu vaccine.

    I also don't get RLS if I'm anxious at the time. Adrenaline seems to counteract it. Not that that helps sleep but am just awake for a different reason.

    I would also LOVE to know what chemical kicks in when distraction makes it melt away or what part of the brain is stimulated as it's a very distinctive effect

  • Hi LoisTonya

    Funny thing, I had the same last year. I had "man-flu" (very bad, no shopping!) for three days and for two of those days I lay comfortably in bed smiling to myself, napping and reading and feeling absolutely no restless legs. I even took a throat remedy that contained anti-histamine!

    We should bottle sneezes and send to fellow sufferers? ermmm

  • I have had flu twice in my life and never again, i have never been soooo ill, it took me 3 weeks to get over it before i could get back to work. I will never go without having my flu shot.

  • I agree, Elisse

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