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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have read so many posts on this site regarding having your ferritin levels tested. (I don't even know what ferritin levels are)! I must Google it!

Please tell me, how do I go about doing that? Do I go thru my doctor or will I have to wait until I see my specialist in December and he will do the test for me?

The way that I actually found out that I had restless legs was quite phenomenal.

I overheard a work colleague having a conversation with a couple of others, and I noticed that he was actually speaking my language. I knew exactly what he was talking about and I just stood there and stared, and listen intently to be sure I had not overheard incorrectly. I believe I was somewhat in shock.

His first symptoms arose at 30. My heart bled .... not! He suggested, as my first port of call for medication, should be magnesium and calcium. and even before I visited a doctor I took his advice and for 6 blissful months,

for the first time in my life, I was completely free of RLS.

It was absolutely amazing, but it did, of course, unfortunately return, so that's when I eventually went to a doctor and started on my Madopar.

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Hi Phogan,

Your regular doctor can do a Ferritin level test on you.

(Can someone check me on my definition?)

Ferritin is a complete iron panel. It has to do with the levels of iron stores (receptos) in your brain. This is different from a regular iron test.

Note: for RLS sufferers, it is not enough to have a normal Ferritin level. "Normal" for doctors mean "not anaemic". People with RLS need a higher-than-normal level. For example: back in March, my level was considered normal at 56. Well, this is low for RLS. 75+ is considered "normal" for RLS patients (again, can someone check me on this please?)

So yes, go to your regular doctor and have him/her check your Ferritin levels. It is just a routine blood test.

Take care,


Hi Phogan,

Jess is correct about what the level of ferritin should be for us, rlsers

Ferritin is one of the measures of iron done on a blood sample, and is indicative of body iron stores. It is assumed to be the best/closest indicator of iron levels in the brain, which cannot be measured directly. Many, but not all people with rls have low iron levels in the brain, and in many, but not all rls improves when low ferritin levels are increased.

Oh, and your gp shoyld be able to get your blood tested. Do mind Jesses remark on "nomal" levels, ask for the exact result.

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Lots of information here - print some out to give to your doctor. hopkinsmedicine.org/neurolo...


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