To those of you who replied to my request for assistance regarding my delimma concerning the accompanying of Lee to her specialist appointment, for your constructive advice, I sincerely thank you all so much. Your comments were obviously extremely well thought out and were so helpful.

Essentially to you, Jess3648. Your understanding of my predicament was precisely the quandary that I was experiencing.

You totally hit the nail on the head and you explained yourself (without hesitation and with such honesty and mitigation) and your thoughts and ideas with clarity and confidence.

I wholeheartedly agree with the majority of your comments, and at this current point in time, have decided to accompany Lee and Ryan to their appointment. However, I feel that it could be considered to be intrusive to actually be present in the room for the initial consultation, so I intend to stay in the waiting room and be there as moral support only. But if need be, am quite willing and content to be of any assistance whatsoever.

I also intend to discuss with Lee and Ryan at length beforehand, with honesty, openness and quite freely, what I feel their comments should intail, and I will also provide them with the prevalent information, (that I happen to perceive) to be quite imperative to ensure that the specialist be fully equipped to be enabled to be make an informed decision, offer the best advice, and then begin to a successful course of action.

I would like to school them both, in an informed and suitable direction, the correct and precise manner, (within such a format) to ensure that there's absolutely no misunderstanding, as to the severity of Lees symptoms, in the mind of the clinician.

I would like to advise and equip her with a composite of pertinent questions that I feel are imperative to be asked.

(Suggestions and/or advice here from the group would be greatly appreciated).

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  • Hi phogan, can you go with me to my gp, only you seem to have a great vocabulary, and are very articulate, I just seem to mumble out what I think I need haha. It's great what you are doing to help lee 👍. I must say I have got some great advice and information from this site, you all seem to be very well educated on rls, I suppose in time, I might be 😊. Keep up the good work.

  • When is her appointment (how long do we have to come up with these)? It's hard to come up with questions since everyone's journey is so different. Hopefully others will be along with some questions. I too will think of questions. As I said, though, everyone is so different. Therefore, my questions might not necessarily be pertinent to her situation.

  • We've had no appt letter arrive as yet.usually takes about 2/3 weeks before we hear back from the clinic.

  • Ok. I suggest Lee look at the pdf below, especially since this will be her first appt.

  • This might be helpful:

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