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Tramadol vs. Percocet

How much time should there be between taking (2) 50 Mg each Tramadol tablets and 1 5-325 Percocet? I take tramadol during the day, 2 at 7 AM and 2 @ 7 PM. I can take a Percocet at bedtime, which can be any time take gives me enough time to safely take the Percocet.

Any one know the answer?

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It depends is the answer!

Some people will tolerate taking them close together, for others it can be sickening. I would have taken strong co-codamol, ( 2 x 30/500) along with 100mg of Tramadol at the same time, (man was it a great combination for ending RLS).


Timing is critical, and no doubt varies between individuals. After a couple of years taking 2 50mg Tramadol at 8.00pm they stopped working and I was up several times a night. After advice on here I played with timing and now take 50mg at 7.00pm and 50mg at 11.00pm and I am currently RLS free! Dosage and timing is as important as the drug for me.


I agree 100% . People often neglect the timing of a drug. I know many who had difficulty/little success with a variety of drugs they were prescribed and all that was called for was moving the time of the drug by a few hours.

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I'm in the USA, Tramadol not traditionally used to treat RLS. Mine is controlled with 1mg Ropinerole, commonly used here. I DO, however use Tram to treat chronic back pain. Just 1 50mg works, but makes me zombie-like, so can only take in evening. Also, I find it to be highly addictive, so try not to take more than once or twice a week. Those of you who use 100 mg Tram for RLS, doesn't it knock you on your bum???? It also tends to leave me with a terrible headache, how do you manage these side effects?


Get headaches easily but would rather have them than RLS. Seem to get periods headache-free then a bad patch. I am wide awake after taking Tramadol and have difficulty getting off to sleep but if I sit down in the afternoon fall asleep. Frustrating but put up with it as I am RLS free at the moment.


Well John so pleased to hear your good news, what mess are you on ,I am doing ok thank goodness


Hi Beady,

I'm just on Tramadol and if I behave myself am RLS free again! It may not last but it helps me cope knowing I may have a break now and again. Spicy food, potatoes, red wine, lack of routine, eating late will bring it all back again. Just set off for a couple of weeks in our small Motorhome, not a place to have RLS so fingers crossed....

Good to hear you are doing well also.

Sleep well!


John, "behave myself" sounds all too familiar. Also on tramadol - since a few days - and it works well provided.....

I guess we'll get used to it.


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