Dr Moseley gut diet

Earlier today a gentleman on this site asked if this has worked for anyone. I can't see my post so I guess it's in his inbox.

I hope the following helps the newbies.

I changed my diet two months ago and my RLS has vastly improved.

I have cut out sugar, dairy, meat and most carbs.

For breakfast I east seeded wholemeal toast with peanut butter or porridge. Add flaxseed to porridge. I dont eat bread again that day.

For lunch a banana and oat biscuits. Some nuts.

For dinner. Spicy roasted veg stew with lentils and beans. Followed by stewed berries containing cinnamon and cloves. On top I add flaxseeds, chia seeds, coconut shavings, chopped hazelnuts cocoa nibs.

I batch cook and it tastes even better after it has been frozen and thawed.

I've lost weight.

My RLS is vastly improved. It comes back if I drink alcohol, eat chips or crisps.

Hope that helps.

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  • That's great.

    Is avoiding meat an essential part of that diet.?

    I have to keep up my Haemoglobin levels for phlebotomy and meat is really the only practical way to do so.


    Otherwise, its very much the diet I keep to- simply avoid all White Stuff- flour, carbs , sugar etc .


  • Dr Moseley gut diet

  • Have you found it helps?

  • Yes - it works for rls and very much so for weight loss.

  • That's great news.

  • Hi Madlegs

    I don't think meat is exempt from Dr Mosley's diet so it's personal choice for me.

    I also but organic food when reasonly priced.

    I forgot to add, I take all the supplements suggested on here ie



    Magnesium spray- make my own 50% mineral water 50% magnesium flakes.

    I made my own sour kraute as well.

  • Thanks.☺

  • Well, i am glad it has helped your RLS. :) I have never found any dietary triggers for mine, and as we say, we are all different when it comes to what helps.

  • Me too nightdancer, almost sent myself mad some years back cutting out all different food groups. The only thing that did was make me even more depressed .

  • Aug13To Karinna My apologies I had no idea my post would snowball.Generally avoid these discussions.

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