Hi, im new and I am a mother of two girls ages 6 and 3 who keep me busy and very stressed. I believe I have had RLS for quite some time but it wasn't anything that made me miserable. I'm not a great sleeper anyway and of course some of it is due to the legs. Anyway recently I started to experince a constant tingling sensation in my legs all the time. It is worse when I am at rest. If I'm up and about doing chores or running errands it's not so bad but if I lie down or try to put my legs up they start tingling. It usually starts just a little and gets worse the longer I sit. I can get up and move around to get some relief but as soon as I stop it comes back. It also moves around I mostly feel it in the calves but i will feel it in the front upper thigh, back of the thigh and occasionally the shins and less frequently the feet. I also notice my foot twitch that I do in bed sometimes appears during the day while I feel the tingling. I went to my primary care physician and she checked my range of motion, felt the pulse in my legs, as well as made sure I could feel her touch. She asked me to sit in a few positions and asked where I felt the tingling. She confirmed the night time symptoms are RLS but seemed to believe that the recent symptoms during the day are more related to stress and muscle spasms in the back. She did an x-ray of the lower back and everything looked normal but they apparently noted a spasm. She said the spasms are compressing the nerves causing the tingling. I did ask if she thought it might be neuropathy or circulatory issues and she said she doesn't believe so. I'm still skeptical but if that's the case then hopefully the tingling would go away once the muscle relaxes which is easier said than done! She just told me that I need to get a deeper sleep because that's when the muscle relaxes with out any advice on how to achieve that. She said she didn't want to prescribe anything at this time. I took some magnesium last night to see if that would help me sleep but unfortunately it did not and my legs were insane last night! Anyway I found this sight and thought I would check it out as I'm not convinced it is muscle spasms. If you guys have any advice on how I'm supposed to get this deeper sleep I would appreciate it. I have taken Benadryl in the past when I can't sleep and recently learned that isn't always great for people with RLS. I'm supposed to go back in a month if it doesn't get better.

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  • Fair play to you for doing your research. And on having a doctor who is obviously interested.

    It well may be a consequence of muscle / nerve damage.

    Have you checked out food triggers? A food/ intake diary can help point out some??

    What kind of magnesium did you try? Any but oxide are considered best.

    Also have you got you irons checked? Serum ferritin should be over 75 and preferably 100- 150. Fe bisglycinate (gentle iron) 25mg at night on empty stomach with some vit c may help. Worth trying for 3 nights- if it helps, then get the tests from doctor.

    Good luck- you have your hands full with those two little treasures. 😂

  • Thank you for the reply. Nothing new in my diet.

    I took magnesium citrate. Last night I took same again as well as attempting melatonin even though I hear that's not great for RLS either. Not sure if that did the trick or if I was just really tired but I did sleep better last night. Not a solid sleep, I did wake up a few times but it was better.

    I will look into the iron as well

    I definitely have my hands full!

  • I hate to say this but it sounds more like lumbar spine disk problems. I had just about the same thing years ago - bulging L4-5 and S1. My bulging disks were pressing on the spinal cord and that's what caused tingling and pins and needles in my leg. Your spasms lead me to believe that could be your problem too.

  • Thank you for the reply.

    Would that have shown up on the x-ray?

    Also, I was told that if it was pinched nerve or bulging disk would it result in a specific tingling pattern that followed the nerve. Not all over like what I am having.

  • Would not show up on an X-ray. They told me for years nothing was wrong because nothing showed on X-ray. It only showed when they agreed to do an MRI. I couldn't stand or lay down.

  • Wow! I will keep that in mind. I don't have problems standing or sitting at the moment. Sorry you had to go through that!

  • Hiya I've been told of physio that it's coming off my back which I didn't take much notice of yes I had pain in back especially after sitting down and trying to get up off chair but I concentrated on my legs and the pain and tingling and not being able to sleep rubbish sleeper up 3/4 times a night so I'm hoping physio will sort out MRI for me and see what. becomes of it I feel for you being young and with small kids xxx

  • I hope the find what is causing you all this discomfort.

  • Thankyou so do I hope you are well to x

  • I would keep on eye on it and go back to the doctor, keep on at them sweetie otherwise nothing gets resolved xx

  • Oh believe me I will Sarah hope you are well to xx

  • My RlS is mainly an overwhelming need to move my legs constantly . My current medication is keeping this at bay at the moment

  • I am interested to know how long it is that you have had RLS and what is the current med that you are taking that is working for you?

  • What is your current medication

  • No prescription medication. I have been taking a multivitamin, 4,0000iu vitamin D3 (I was low and it has come back up into normal range but Dr. said to stay on supplement for now). The past week I have also taken some magnesium citrate and melatonin to try and help with sleep. I think they are helping me fall asleep but. It stay asleep as I have woken up aroun 3:00 or 4:00 am almost every night. Some times I fall back asleep sometimes I don't. The RLS at night hasn't bothered me too much it just the tingling 24/7 (well unless I'm moving around and distracted).

  • Ooh take all night to name them 😂 75mg aspirin 5mg ramipril 5mg bisoprolol 10mg ezetimibe 20mg omeprazole20mg colecalciferol 50mg amitriptyline 100mg alzain 200mgpregabalin 100mg phenytoin phew 😅

  • Lyrica 100mg taken around 6pm and 100mg tramadol taken at the same time. I have had RLS in its present form since I was around 12 but had leg pain that would wake me from a very little girl. My Father suffered from this too and would give me Junior Asprin and would rub deep heat into my legs for me.

    Until I was pregnant with my 1st son my RLS mr RLS was intermittent but during the 3rd trimester it became intolerable. I had it every night and had no idea what it was . I never told anyone because I had no idea how to describe it and thought it was just me and that I was odd. I became very depressed and I remember very clearly thinking that if I were to win millions of £££££ I would still be just as unhappy.

    The RLS went back to being intermittent after my son was born and stayed that way until the 2nd pregnancy where the same thing happened again although not as severe . This time though it did not improve as much.

    When eventually I did seek medical advise and was prescribed Ropinerol I was so happy to have something that stopped the misery. Before medication RLS was something I might have a couple of times a week maybe more often the week of my period. After starting medication though i could not go a night without it or I would have terrible RLS . Woe betide me If I ever forgot to take it. I would get no sleep until 3 to 4 hours hours after remembering . I always though this was because My RLS had got much worse but I now think this was not the case but that the Ropinerol itself caused the worsening. I have 3 family members who have suffered with RLS but I suffer the most. So far I do not have the involuntary kicking /twitching that some suffer with. My movements are voluntary but I have to move my legs, the desire to move them is overwhelming and impossible to stop.

  • Pregnancy for me increased the severity of RLS by at least twice (if possible) then after each birth, it totally disappeared. Until I weaned the last one and thenit reappeared with avengence.

    So good to hear from others who understand and have been there.

    Like you, I thought I was the only person in the world that had it.😩

  • Omg that must be so irritating when you have small children as you need your sleep 😴 to have the strength to motivate in morning sounds exactly same as me my physio couldn't believe I only took paractemol but now I'm on pregabalin it's so good for me feel a bit high for few hours but really helps legs and I'm sleeping a bit better I think you should keep at your doctor for more help I do think they are sick seeing my face 😂 Good luck x

  • Hello and welcome.

    It appears to me that you indeed have RLS ... welcome to our world.

    The advice that I would have to give to you is to see a specialist in the field of sleep or a Neurologist.

    I'm afraid (that in my experience) the GPs of today are not up to date with what's happening in the world of RLS and seem to be ill-informed regarding the severity of the symptoms that some of the afflicted are forced to endure.

    I wish you good luck xx

  • I renctly went back to the doctor. My regular GP was on vacation so I saw another doctor in the practice. She wasn't much help either but did give me the referral to a neurologist that is in their group. She also prescribed something to help me sleep in the meantime. Unfortunately the next appointment for a new paitient isn't until September 19.

  • I so apologize for not completely reading your post. Under no circumstances do you ever take Benadryl. It is full of antihistamines and they are a definite no go for RLSers as they will send you into spasms.

    Same with cold and flu meds.

  • Yes, I have recently learned about Benadryl and not to take it.


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