Iow iron saturation

Hi folks

Iv just phoned to get some results of blood samples taken and iv been told my iron saturation is low, can anybody explain this to me and would it be contributing to my rls which is crazy right now, my reading was 13.3% and im told it shud be between 30 and 40%.

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  • Hi!You should check your ferritin levels.They should be at least 75.Its considered that lower ferritin levels than 75 contribute to rls.

  • It was just a receptionist that read them out over the phone, she said my ferritin was normal but my iron was slightly low at 9 and my iron saturation was 13.3% which shud be between 30-50%, it says the doctor needs to speak to me so tomorrow so il ask more questions then, its very confusing lol.

  • Make sure you ask and get a printout of the results. "Normal" mostly refers to whether you've got anaemia or not. RLS has different needs (ferritin preferrably above 75) and few GPs know.

  • Actually ferritin should be over 100 if you have RLS...

  • Correct! My mistake.

    Must be lack of sleep... 😒

  • Did you ask what your serum ferritin level was? I think that gives a better indication for RLS sufferers.

    Has your GP prescribed iron tablets?

  • Still waiting on more results coming back along with other results as they r testing me for inflammatory bowel disease, hopefully b back nxt week

  • That's interesting. My daughter had IBS type symptoms and became severely anaemic as she wasn't absorbing anything through her gut. She changed her diet by following low FODMAPS for 3 months & took symprove probiotics. These helped heal her gut, her IBS symptoms and allow her to absorb iron. She still has to take probiotics & iron. I think there is a link with IBS symptoms & low ferritin/iron.

    Maybe consider iron MD patches as the iron is absorbed through the skin. You can get them on Amazon.

  • Low at 9 - I guess so! Saturation level should be above 20%, and serum Ferritin should be near 100 in RLS sufferers. I had severe RLS at 49 and 25% and supplementation eased symptoms in less than a week!

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