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Iron infusion


Hi guys well had iron infusion early July, I don't think there has been any change in my RLS. Fingers crossed going through a reasonably settled period at present. I have odd nights disturbed. I go to see Dr Anderson again in september so just keeping going. Hoping you are all doing ok at preset. I won't be able to get to london this year, just hope perhaps next year we could get it a little further north.

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I was hoping for some dramatic improvement for you. What is your serum ferritin after the infusion? I seem to recall Annjende saying she had 3 iron infusions relatively close together in the USA. Did you just have the one infusion & they won't be doing any more?

At least you are going through a settled period so let's hope that continues.

Shaft1952 in reply to Joolsg

I havent had bloods done since but see my own gp on 14th aug so will ask for blood test, then see consultant 29th september. Will keep you all up to date.

Joolsg in reply to Shaft1952

Fingers & jumpy legs crossed

I have been and still am taking Mirapex for RLS. It has been working well until recently when I tried to take an afternoon nap. HA now way! Shortly after I started taking 5-HTP and took npas with no RLS sympthoms. I not saying that 5-HTP is the reason but I didn't do or take anything else. Like so many other remedies, it's different results for different pedople. I'll be following this thread to see more from, everyone. I CAN ONLY TELL YOU THE RESULTS WERE DRAMATIC FORE ME!!!

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