Restless Legs Syndrome
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I heard/read somewhere recently, that it's good for us to eat lots of different types of berries. I googled 'berries and Alhzeimers' and came upon a report which breaks down the positive elements of each berry and its effects upon Alhzeimers and Parkinson sufferers. A study found Bilberrys can reverse/improve memory in Alhzeimers sufferers and helped sufferers of both conditions. I am posting this because I was prescribed A drug designed to help Parkinson sufferers. I am going to eat lots more berries in future. Study concluded wild berries are the best.

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They are berry good for you :))) They do indeed boost memory. Love them. :)



Please check out this video on Youtube about B12. It could be the answer to all of our health problems or at the very least quite a few of them?


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