Any recommendations as to the best meds to take for restless legs? I am at my wits end with sleepless nights!

"I'm really pleased to have found this site. I didn't realise there were so many fellow sufferers of restless legs. My legs twitch and jerk like mad, mostly at bedtime but even when just sitting sometimes. Going to the theatre or sitting on a plane is also a nightmare. I've suffered for a long time and am now contemplating going to the doctors having read lots of stories on here. Though I don't really want to take medication, I'm at my wits end with sleepless nights. Any recommendations as to the best meds?

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  • Hi, there are not any best RLS meds to take, its a matter of trial and error to see what works for you, RLS meds affect us differently. No one wants to take medications, but a good nights sleep is better than having sleep deprivation which can lead to other health issues

    Most doctors start off with using the dopamine agonists first, which are Pramipexole, Ropinerole or the Neupro Patch.

  • Thanks for that, I will check them out.

  • I hope your path to relief is short and quick. Definitely see your doctor. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to deal with RLS other than medication... and even then, finding the right one can be tricky. Good luck!

  • Thanks ookla. Yes, I think it will definitely be trial and error, but at least there is a possibility that something will help, so I will keep my fingers crossed!

  • A lot of us find we can get temporary relief taking pain killers like Co-Codamol, Got to be worth a try.

  • Yes, worth trying the 'non-serious' stuff before going down ther meds route. I was one of the fortuante ones and found that taking magnesium phosphate sorted out my rls. From the health food shop, 2 tabs dissolved three times a day under the tongue with 2 x cocodamol with the last dose preferably in the evening. Good Luck and keep us posted.

  • shelleypatch, I know what you are going through, but taking pills regularly gets to be a habit worth taking rather than suffering these awful symptoms. Personally I take Ropinirole XL which at the moment works for me. Best of luck.

  • Hi,

    My experience with RLS is that, it may come and go, dairy products seem, in my case to make it worse.........a lot worse, my GP has at last given my GABApentin which worked well at first then after 3 months tailed off a bit, it also made me a bit slow, well slower than normal. Lol.

    I've not seen this written any where else but when I used to work nights I would be active most of the night (wondering the streets with a police dog) then when I got home I would go straight to sleep no problem at all, that was a while ago now. But when on day shifts it was terrible.

    Unfortunately I have it most of the time now, anyway I've gone off track, go see your GP ask to see a consultant, when you say your legs twitch and jerk is that involuntary or is it what you have to do to get relief, there is a difference.

    Some people say exercise and get tired, I found that made matters worse, you do get tired so tired you must sleep but of course you can't because your legs are at the local 10 k race.

    I am currently trying some homeopathy, I will post in a week or so because it seems to be doing some good, just want to make sure its not just the normal ups and downs of his vile disease.

    Good luck double check everything anyone ( inc medical people ) tell you.


  • Have you tried placing a pillow between your knees? Works for me.

  • Bananas - lots of, every day ;-). My symptoms are caused by lack of potassium in my diet.

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