RLS Almost Gone!

I deal with depression and anxiety and have for many years. I have been on Zoloft and other antidepressants for over a decade. A couple of months ago, my doctor wanted to increase my dose. Pharmacist recommended I switch from taking it in the morning to taking it at night before bed. The recommendation was due to my chronic insomnia. The first night taking the increased dose, my RLS increased 10 fold! I didn't put 2 and 2 together for a few days and I'm doing some online research. APPARENTLY, some people don't get sleepy and react completely differently to these meds and other meds. (I already know I can't take nighttime cold meds as it makes me jumpy and wide awake. Complete opposite effect of nighttime meds.

Long story short, I STOPPED THE ZOLOFT IMMEDIATELY! Yes, I told my doctor after and she was onboard with that. Within a few days of stopping it, my RLS symptoms all but disappeared! I DO find that about a week to 2 weeks leading into my period, my legs start acting up. I believe that is still due to low iron levels though.

I wanted to share my experiences as I had to figure out the connection on my own. My doctor and all doctors I've dealt with didn't have a clue about the connection to the RLS and I had been going and complaining... in tears due to lack of sleep, for YEARS! I don't trust MD's. We have to be our own doctors and own advocates.

Good Luck everyone!

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  • CONGRATULATIONS, many antidepressants can send RLS up the left! Glad things are working out for you.

  • Hi Amy

    Yup! Zoloft is listed as one of the medications to avoid if suffering from RLS. rls-uk.org/treatment/

    Unfortunately doctors are not knowledgeable about RLS.

    Brilliant news that you are now sleeping well. :)

  • Hi is citalopram on that list by any chance ??

  • Yep. :) If you click on the link above that I posted to Amy, you will see it listed there.

  • Yes its on the list. Check out rls.org they have a number to call. I called very helpful info. I just came off citalopram. I am now taking trazadone. It is on the list to take this instead

  • Thanks .. I get head sweats too and now found this tablet causes this too 😩😩

  • I always found my RLS worse just before my period. Also my feet and legs will be really hot .I get the munchies too .

  • Pretty soon I'll be getting a reputation as the feratin level lady but here goes! Have you had your feratin levels checked? If your period drags you into anemia I wouldn't be surprised if they were low.

    You may be vary happily surprised if you raise that level! Good luck!

  • I had reaction to nuproxin pain relief for my hips joints where the pAin was easier omg RLS went into over drive in my arms legs I also research I found many found the same Dr don't check they just pop you on a standard drug

  • Doctors do not know a lot about RLS. My doctor has given me a blood pressure medication for RLS, even though I do not have high blood pressure, but it works by increasing blood flow to smaller blood vessels. This works for me.

    By doing my own research online I have found that my RLS is triggered mainly by food intolerances, namely lactose and barley. By watching my diet and keeping these substances out of my diet, I have nearly cured by RLS. I still get the odd attack which is very painful so there are other triggers for me such as sitting still for a long time and long journeys where it is not possible to get up and move around. I live in the UK and two hours in a car, either as a driver or a passenger is a long journey for me and I do stop at motorway service areas to walk about for a bit. Also too much caffeine will trigger an attack, so I limit myself to one cup a day and then only if I am tired and need to keep awake. Also getting cold, especially my legs will trigger RLS so I keep warm in winter and wear very warm socks.

    I have gone from taking 6 tablets a day to 2 tablets a day. When I told my GP about the lactose, she was most surprised. Most of my family suffer from RLS but one of my brothers (out of four) does not, but he has lactose intolerance.

    So I believe that not enough research has gone into this condition and health professionals don't know much about it. It is not life threatening so money is not going to be poured into research. RLS seems to be triggered by many different things and we all have to find out what our triggers are and find the best way to manage it for us.

    I am so pleased you have found some relief after so long. It is known that some drugs can cause RLS in some people so it is best to watch out for this if taking a new drug for whatever reason.

    Good luck in the future.

  • I agree 100% even though all the doctors agree the rls does exists they have not got a clue how to deal with it .. I too suffer more as my period is due , I was told once it's hormone related .. who knows

  • It sux there is so much that we can't take. Yes Zoloft sent my legs insane (and this was before I'd even heard of RLS. And Prozac ... should seriously be put in the water. Unless of course you happen to have RLS.

    I eventually ended up taking Endep. Still prefer weed.

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