RLS Gone?

Here's a mystery. I am on holiday in Thailand. I came prepared to eat steamed rice and meat for three weeks and enjoy myself.

After I arrived I decided to eat a wider diet and back off if the RLS became too bad. Push the limits a bit

Four days later I have no RLS and I am eating everything on the menu. Nothing triggers it. I expected problems because of the curries and things. I am still avoiding caffiene when possible but that is leaving me with about 4 cups of caffeinated coffee per day compared to zero normally. I even brought my own decaf with me, and two packets of instant oats just in case it was all I could eat.

The only change I have made recently is to start taking Vitamin B12 and Folate every day. I started this about 2 weeks ago when someone reported success with it. I expected it to take a few weeks to have an effect. (Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin 100 microgram and Folate folic acid 500 microgram )

I have been on the Low Chemical Diet so I haven't had RLS for the last weeks so I cant say when the RLS stopped. I can only say that it was with me about three weeks ago when I challenged the diet unsuccessfully and now its gone.

This seems like magic but I would love to hear from anyone else who has tried out this supplementation and whether it worked or not.

Does anyone know of possible side effects of either of these chemicals?

I will report back in two weeks on the longer term result


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  • Graham you lucky sod! I am not sure if I am more envious you are in Thailand or have the RLS sorted.

    I was on holidays in America. I was on a Gluten and dairy free diet and like yourself I thought "Holidays I'll be bold and reign it in when things play up" - but they didn't.

    I had been taking less medication than usual but things were better. I put it down to a combination of good weather, different time zone and lots of distraction.

    I hope its the vitamins that are working for you and continue to do so.

    Take care and enjoy your holiday.

  • Enjoy your holiday!

    Long it may continue!


  • Hi Graham,

    I too had four days and nights free from rls when on holiday and I too relaxed my diet - had a chocolate biscuit every morning and fruit cake every afternoon. Slight deterioration after four days ,gradually getting worse each day and,on the train coming home, I had to walk up and down the aisle.

    Back home I'm back to the usual disturbed nights and walking days.

  • Maybe we all need to emigrate to the holiday destination that gave us the most relief. !! I havent tried that yet, cant afford a holiday abroad.

  • That's my plan. When the kids are up and away form home I am selling all and moving to Spain. Between the laws on cannabis allowing me to treat my physical health and the sun and warmth boosting my mental health I can't wait.

    I know a number of people who claim to feel and be better when in the sun and I can well believe it. Roll on the youngest moving on!

  • I thought hear made the rls worse. My rls all started when I went to turkey for summer holidays! I couldn't sleep 2 weeks straight! It wasn't fun!

    I wonder now, what triggered my rls ...

  • I find for me that the hot weather makes me come alive. I have more energy, in better mood and less pain. I have a bad ankle that gets very cold in the cold weather and normal in the hot.I live for the sun, which in Ireland is an uncommon thing!

  • Wow! I am talking about over 40 degrees!! Are you happy with that heat?

  • That might be a bit on the warm side.

  • I have to say the heat is a dreadful trigger for my RLS, I can't lay on sun beds for any length of time and legs ok so long as I keep them moving :( It was ok when I went to Goa as during the day would wander about all the time, but as soon as I tried to rest.... Nightmare! Wish there was a single cure for us RLS , sufferers... how life would change, but for now it's good to know we are not alone and can try things that work for some... but not all . Thank heavens for this site!

  • Oh Raffs my bucket list is to fly into Lisbon and bike up the coast to the Compastello. Around 300 km. I watch YouTube's each day. No walking but on bikes much easier and more time to sight see. Here's to no RLS in Spain

  • Lets hope your legs rest up well for the bike ride! Hope you get that bucket list ticked off sooner rather than later.

  • Laughing at my rls...just think if I could get the spasms to go on the bike I'd be doing all of Europe. Would need a night light. I'd come visit all of you. Just fuel me up on sugar coffee take away...

    Lol 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚵🚵🚵

  • lol Just think of the distance you could achieve if you just cycled form about 6pm to 3am!

  • Brilliant, hope it continues. let us know!


  • Maybe we should all go to Thailand? We could bring Raff's youngest with us ...

  • If you bring the two teens I'll keep the youngest. He's already agreed to come to Spain should I move, (in fact all the kids said they'd come but no point taking all my troubles with me!!!:) ).

  • My thoughts exactly.

  • Hearing you all exchanging fun ideas cheers me up no end! Don't feel so alone now ...

  • hi graham I also just recently had an holiday to Thailand I didn't like it one bit (but that's another story)anyway when I came back which is know 4wks ago I've done nothing but sleep, the GP as told me its jetlag (not after 4wks) so he/she as took some blood tests they have come back clear, I was just wondering if its got anything to do with the RLS & travelling all that way. even while I was there all I wanted to do is sleep. I didn't drink either.

  • Oh. Must be a bug you picked up...

    Get better

  • thanks for your email but if it was a bug wouldn't it have shown up in blood tests, I honestly think I've got fatigue I just cant keep awake,I'm nodding of just writing this.

  • so sorry...get better soon friend

  • Welcome home connie50. Could be the exertion of it all coupled with poor sleep/RLS and with the RLS/poor sleep at home preventing a quicker recovery.

  • Hope you feel better very soon.


  • I wish it would for me but I've taken both for several years since we are vegetarian sometimes vegan. But I am so happy to hear your report. Have a splendid trip and an RLS free one at that. 😊😊😊

  • The form of B12 you are taking breaks down to B12 and cyanide. Depending on how much and how long u take it toxic levels could build up. We only need micro grams of B12 and meat eaters have built up several years supply. Three other forms of B12 are better. In general it is best not to take vitamins unless u have a known deficiency. This article on B12 was published yesterday:


  • Mine are the methyl types an no regular folate as I have MTHFR homoz gene mutation probs. My supplements come from Seeking Health, and wonderful brand.

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