Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hello everyone.

I have been reading all your posts avidly and am glad to know that other people are feeling this sensation as well me.

I have just been diagnosed with RLS after 3 years of tests etc. And taking lansaprosole once a day. Which apparently reduces the absorption of magnesium. So having come off that my legs are still the same but my mood is greatly improved.

Just one question. Does everyone suffer while walking? I can set off at a brisk pace, after a couple of minutes, my calf muscles ache like I've over done it. I have to stop, but the relief is minimal. This has ruined several holidays. I wish I could take them off and carry them.

Is this another symptom?


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No, I, and I think many others, get relief while walking. When my RLS is bad walking is the only way to get any relief. Hope someone else on here can help you. :)


I personally generally don't get problems with my legs when walking, only my feet hurt quite a lot doing this. My legs start to hurt mostly when at rest though!

I hope you get sorted soon!!

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I think it is very unusual to experience pain while walking. Typically, walking relieved symptoms. Could you have an additional condition which causes the pain in your legs?


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