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Give as you Live Cards

I subscribe to a free application called Give as you Live. They also do cards that you can use instead of your normal store loyalty cards...however these cards have to be given by your nominated charity,

This is a totally brilliant way of raising money for research into RLS.

I use it every time I buy online and so far have managed to raise nearly £35 for RLS....and it has cost me absolutely NOTHING!!!!

Please Please download this application and start using it each time you shop online. RLS needs all the money it can get for research into this miserable disease.

I shall start using the store cards as well as soon as I manage to get one.

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I also subscribe to the free application called Give as You Live and have raised a few pounds for RLS-UK when buying on line. :)


Hi Sounds lie a good idea in some ways but what organisation do you donate the money to? Do you know much about them? I know nothing about the organisation you mention so I make no comment about them,.

I am tired of hearing about "non-profit" organisations with a management team flying first class to conferences in nice places and driving Beemers or Porches. It would be nice top know that your hard earned 35 quid went to real research.


I donate all the money I raise to RLS-UK . If you go on to the RLS-UK website you will find the link on their first page I believe . Such a simple idea and brilliant too!


Hi Graham 3196

If you live in the UK and as you suffer with RLS I am surprised you have never heard of RLS-UK

It is run by 7 trustees including the Chair, Daragh Bogan and we are all volunteers. I am one of the trustees.

I hope you will visit the RLS-UK website.


Hi Kaarina


RLS-UK sounds like an exemplary example of the sort of institution we all hope for.

Does RLS-UK run this forum?

I am in Australia so I haven't had the opportunity to hear much about your organisation although I have seen it referred to on this forum. Do you publish your financial details? What research do you finance?




Hi Graham

RLS-UK do run this forum on HU.

With less than 300 paid up members in the charity, as you can imagine, resources are rather limited.


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