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What medications have you tried ?

Hi I have just joined this forum and this is my first post. I'm 25 years old and I have been suffering from RLS for afew years. I was prescribed diazepam 2mg approximately 2 years ago however this no longer helps me and I find I need to take 10-15mg for it to have any effect. I have recently been prescribed ropinirole at 0.25mg. Has any body else tried this medication and did it help and were there any side effects? What other medications have you tried and how effective have they been?

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If you check out these two sites , you will learn all you need to know about rls medecines. -excellent rundown on all available medications in progressive order. - good list of meds to avoid and general info.

Good luck.



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Have you got your iron level checked? If low you can always give iron bisglycinate a go?

I used to have pramipexole which is similar to ropinirole which was very effective but I gave up to prevent augmentation. I used to binge eat and tired/depressed all the time while taking that tablet. I feel a lot better and chosen no medicine route. I do use iron when my rls gets worse.

You can always start the minimum dose which is half a tablet instead whole?

I definitely suggest that you keep a diary to see what triggers your rls too. That helped me a lot.

Hope you find what works for you best.


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I've never taken diazepam but do hear awful accounts of people having trouble stopping it (some people - not all) so would treat a need to increase the dosage with caution.

Ropinerole is one of the first drugs most GPs prescribe for severe RLS. It can be extremely effective but brings problems of its own. You need to be very careful not to exceed the maximum dose. Indeed if I were starting again I would be very slow to increase the dose from what works at the outset. If you find yourself needing more that may be the time to take a break from it and use something else for a while. That way you will increase the overall length off time it works for and avoid the trauma of having to come off it after augmentation (you will find a LOT of information on here about what augmentation is).


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Wellcome to the forum we are in the same boat and what a boat,yes I have had those and lots more no side effects it all works for a bit then you have to change ,don't worry you will be on a small dose,,I do wish you lots of luck rls is a real B I have had it 46 yrs


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