To the informative who posted about being admitted to hospital for not sleeping any more than 2/3 hrs/ngt for 2-3 mths. I'm afraid my heart bled. ... not! The following is not averaging, it is factional. From the ages of 5-48 I survived on 2hrs sleep/ngt every night every year. Except for maybe 4/5 nights a year when I crashed when my head hit the pillow. Apart from those nights I remember clearly Mum waking me up every morning with me complaining, 'But I've just seen the sun come up'. Only to be told, 'That's impossible, you must have dreamed it'.

During my adult years I survived on 2hrs sleep if lucky, more times than not I had none.

When the decision came to finish work as I could no longer be a team player too many people got let down.

I remember reading my payslip, standingin the middle of the pharmacy (I was admin to 7 pharmacists in a large hospital) crYing. A pharmist queried and I showed him my payslip with him saying what's wrong it's perfect. I said yes I know butI can't do it again. 6 of those nights were totally sleepless and the othersI had 2 hours.

I am now surviving on a permanent and total disability pension. I hate this disease

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  • I am so very sorry that things have been indescribably awful for you for so long. You are obviously a courageous and indomitable person who will never allow RLS to beat you and I salute you. My very best wishes to you. X

  • This disease is indeed horrible and I empathise with you- I too had to cope with work for many years on little or no sleep. It was extremely hard. However, i don't agree that the other person you mentioned doesn't need empathy too. we are all struggling. I dearly hope that you are able to find something that helps you.x

  • I apologize. He/she definitely has my sympathy and empathy. I am Australian ..... extremely dry sense of humour. Sorry for misunderstanding, often misunderstood.

  • No worries.x

  • My apologies. .. no worries regarding what?

  • Apology accepted.x

  • Ok appreciated. It was heart fell. How did you go in the hospital?

  • Amazing that you were so determined and worked for so long...perhaps now you can relax and rest when possible even if you don't sleep. I find busy days make the RLS worse and start earlier. Like us all we wish we did not have this awful invisible problem that others often do not understand. I no longer like to go away from home as it is hard to be in company all day with little sleep. Its a challenge to live on less money and within an unstructured week.....Make it your "work" to survive well and find things to enjoy even with the limitations of RLS.

  • Unfortunately I no longer seem to enjoy too much anymore, but I thank you for your support

  • Yes love it's vile I go from calm to mad as hatter in minuets I get into bed before my head hits pillow my legs start also my arms too I just want to sob as I know another night alone at home walking floors or cleaning anything g to occupy my mind

  • Will try to keep dry humour under control as understand Americans don't get it. You too definitely have my sympathy and empathy.this disease is nothing short of torture.

  • Me too

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