Restless Legs Syndrome
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At last relief from rls without medication

Hi there had rls for 10yrs now tried everything but this seems to

Work to my relief tried to calm my anxiety by telling myself to relax

and calm down and it works mind over matter sort of thing,so I

tried it on my rls situation it worked I just simply said to myself

When the legs would start up " calm legs" over and over as you

relax your mind it also relaxes the signals to your legs.

You'll feel yourself relaxing you and your mind thus not sending

any anxious stress messages from your brain to all over your body including your jumpy legs please try it

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Glad you are having some success . I have actually tried this but unfortunately didn't work for me, I even had a hypnotherapist teach me how to relax my mind but my RLS did not do as it was told!

Pipps x

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Glad it works for you .

I would be big into mindfulness , but it can not overcome my fidgety legs at any time. I agree that stress is a major factor in rls- but they are more powerful than any mind can cope with .

However , the fact that placebo plays such a large part in rls relief is a question mark over my previous statement. ?????



Mine comes on with a vengeance when my body begins to relax or I begin to get sleepy. Can try this; am a "glass-half-full" person.

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Good luck with it. you need to persevere with it until you get it right in your mind that it will work have patience that's what I'm saying and mean what your telling yourself mind over matter come off all meds as well they can accelerate it too remember good luck

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This is great that it works for you. I think there are a huge range of RLS and some things work for some but not for others. What evidence is there that Placebos are effective for RLS? I have frequently tried to convince myself that I don't need to get up and walk around but after trying to say that I can overcome the symptoms for hours I have had to give up and walk around. On the other hand relaxing mental excercise is free and it might work so why not try it?


I find that getting up and walking around does help but only while I'm walking. As soon as I stop walking my RLS starts up again. I can't walk forever. Now, I take my Mirapex and keep walking until it kicks in.


Why dont you take the Mirapex routinely before bed? Wouldnt you sleep immediately then?


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