Problem with nupro patch

Has anyone had an issue with the nupro patch coming of, I was bad yesterday evening & night with my rls was worse than ever. I have had no problems since adding nupro patch 1mg to my pregablin I take 25mgs pregablin at lunchtime, 50mgs at tea time and 100mgs at night with 1mg nupro patch. I also take 30mgs codeine at night and sometimes need to take 15 to 30mgs in the evening. I had got of codeine in day, but symptoms coming back. I have just been reading about someone who had an iron infusion, who prior to this had issues I have weight gain and shopping a lot. Shaft1952

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  • Yeah its common enough. What I do is make sure the spot I am putting it on is clean dry and hair free. Put the patch on and starting gently I rub it well on making sure that all edges are down well.

    Some put a bit of medical tape over it too to keep it on. Site has a lot to do with it - the more movement that part gets the more likely it is to come off. I use my upper arms mainly.

    Hope that helps, take care.

  • Cheers riffs hope you are well, not been on line for a bit been away, cheers shaft1952

  • I had the same problem. I used to rub it when I first put it on but found that that tended to make it more unstable as I would catch the sides and slightly lift them while rubbing. Now I clamp my hand over it for about 30 secs after I first apply it (to clean patch of skin - v important not to have moisturiser or oil or anything applied) and it adheres much more firmly.

    Be very cautious about the shopping - I got that - it felt so natural but as soon as I stopped taking pramipexole it stopped and I reverted to my former luke-warm-at-best-about-shopping self. I was on a very high dose of pramipexole however. 1mg neupro is low enough. I also found I lost weight after coming off pramipexole - I think it dose something funny to your appetite - tied up with the whole dopamine/feel good issues.

  • Thanks for your reply involuntary dancer, the info about patch and pramipexole, will talk to my consultant sooner rather than later. Cheers shaft1952

  • Pleasure Shaft. Meant to say, I too read of the iron infusions with interest. Was wondering about getting one as my consultant did suggest it last year. My symptoms are still troublesome but last blood test had my serum ferritin at nearly 130 so not sure whether it would do any good.

  • My serum ferritin is only 50, so I probably do need an iron infusion, which my consultant talked about last time I saw here. I see her again in July, so will push for it also to get of pregablin cheers shaft1952

  • I have been on 4mg RequipXl slow release tablets and changed to 4mg Neupro patch.The tablets caused me to shop and sleep eat and gained almost 2 stone so thought might be better on patches, but symptoms same and now gained 3 stone in 2 years. Patches would sometimes come off during day without realising until legs start going ballistic, also found last summer,they would come off in the heat or showers. I weaned myself down to 2mg patch and this weekend changed to 2 mg Ropinerole, I used to take 3.5 mg Ropinerole few years back but stopped being effective, so now hoping will be ok after having a break from it ....I slept ok last night and nice not to have to keep checking if patch still in place. I also found because I'm on the move a lot in bed that patch would sometimes come off during night.

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