Restless Legs Syndrome
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Can you help my mum?

My mum is 77 and has severe restless leg. She walks round the house most of the night and is becoming confused due to lack of sleep. She takes antidepressant Amatryptaline as well as an anti cancer hormone treatment. Since having a knee replacement a few weeks ago her restless legs are even worse. Anyone have any suggestions how I can help her as she's feeling really low?

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Hi and welcome. Just a quickie for now as in a rush but just wanted to tell you that Amitriptyline is the worst thing you can take if you have restless legs syndrome. It will make symptoms much worse for the vast majority of us.

Other thing does your mum have any painkillers as opiate based ones eg Codeine, Tramadol work really well for RLS. Did she recently stop taking painkillers after her op?

Also get her ferritin iron levels tested, it needs to be over 50 preferably over 70 which is much higher than that of someone who does not have RLS.

Will await your reply and catch up with you later

Pippins2 x


I to have rls and had total knee replacement a few was ago I get my daughter in law to rub my muscles in calf's and upper legs like a massage hit milky drink but it doesn't help all time usually I get 2 hrs sleep if I'm lucky might help your mum x

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I would put her on Tramadol. Neurontin may be added if needed.


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