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Hi I am new on here, I watched the programme , feel awful to say I was so glad to see other sufferers as I am the only one I know with RLS, mine comes and goes and can be mild or pretty bad, I was interested to hear about it effecting memory as I think it now effects my memory and yes probably because of poor sleep. I too scratch down the back of my legs with my toe nails to stop the intense writhing. I have very poor circulation and don't think that helps, I also could relate to the lady gardening because that really helps me too, I think it is because our brain just concentrates enough on something else to stop it. I am interested to hear about the iron tablets so am going to give that a go. So writh on folks and don't let it get you down x

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Hi welcome to the group x


Hi and welcome.

Its not so much the RLS that causes the memory problems more the sleep deprivation, exhaustion and pain that causes it.

Extreme fatigue will damage memory recall and concentration. So you find it harder to remember and harder to lay down new memories.

Distraction definitely helps. The scratching is trying to cancel out one sensation with another, (like the guy inflicting pain). I would put my feet in cold water or go walking in the frosty grass or snow even.

I take the gentle Iron, check the search engine there is loads of good info. Always best to be well versed in any substance you are taking into your body. Too much iron can have its own problems.

Take care and don't be afraid to use the search engine there is as much info here on diet, drugs and lifestyle changes that can help immensely.


Thank you, I will be careful I hate popping pills even if they are from a health food shop. Certainly got my Vit D top up today, yay.....😎


Hi Katiemc,

Welcome to the forum and it's great to hear you found us through the Channel 5 programme.

The RLS-UK Team


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