I don't know if everyone had the same experience, but when I first went to the doctor about my RLS, (but didn't know there was an actual 'illness' at the time), I was kinda made to feel as though I was wasting the doc's time and that it was all in my head. The advice I was given was to rest more, maybe go to bed earlier, (which, of course, can be an impossibility with RLS). I was given sheets with exercises to stretch the Achilles tendon and told to take paracetamol. None of these worked and because I had never heard of anyone else with the same symptoms, I just gloried on and suffered in silence. It has only been in the last few years, after changing doctors, that there has been a more definitive and better informed diagnosis and that I am definitely not alone and it's really not all in my head. I still feel ill-informed about the cause, treatment and various therapies, but I believe it's because there is a lot of catch up required with regards to studying, treating and medicating the problem. Hopefully, the awareness of this nightmare has risen enough for more positive things to be done and maybe, God willing, a cure to be found. Meantime, the support and advice in these wonderful posts from fellow fidgets are proving invaluable. Thank you

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  • Thank you and welcome.

    Please feel free to browse and ask questions.

    There are much nicer people than me on here who will answer every query with charm and pleasure!


  • We'd like u better if u would fill us in on your most recent visit to the doctor. You're probably the biggest riddle on here - 1300 ferritin but no hemochromatosis but lots of RLS. I'll cross my heart and spit on the floor, what did the good doctor have to say?

  • Haven't got called to the specialist yet. Could be months before I get to see him.😢

    Don't worry- I'll let ye all know whenever I get the call.

    Type 4A HH is the latest candidate - will get them to test for that.

  • Hmmm, hereditary hemo? Triggered by accident?

  • He recognised the symptoms as RLS almost right away. Put me on Pramipexole to start with, which I am still doing and suggested a change in diet. Also recommended finding a distracting hobby. I have done all he's asked and the only change which might happen is the Pramipexole, as it is affecting my blood pressure. I'm a work in progress.

  • I went to GP and described Leg pains and nerves firing off, thought it was part of fibro. He diagnosed RLS and out me on - 5mg of Diazipam twice a day which is very effective. I use these combined with magnesium oil and it keeps it manageable.

    Regards Patrick

  • Magnesium seems to be a tried and trusted remedy for many on these forums. I will be looking into it.

  • Hi Brian

    Have you visited the RLS-UK website rls-uk.org where there is lots of information, ie diagnosis, treatments, what is RLS, Augmentation, Rebound etc and a section for professionals if your doctor is interest to take a look rls-uk.org/professional-res...

    This is a great forum where help, advice and support is given and the more we know about your RLS and any medications you may be on, even the OTC ones, the easier it is to help you.

  • Thanks for that. I'll look into it.

  • I have not consulted my GP about RLS. when I first suffered symptoms I called them 'leapy legs' and felt I was the only person to suffer in this way. It was a newspaper article that alerted me to the reality of the condition. Over the years I have worked out my own strategies to cope but it does mean that I can never sit and relax in the evening, just have to keep busy doing things. I don't want to go down the route of taking medication, just want a solution.

  • Hi welcome to our world .i laugh at what docs say .get good nights rest and sleep. Its because of the damn rls that you cant sleep or rest .any way does help that there arenmire ppl than you raelise with this hell of a condition . So chin up and mayb some day just mayb someone might have an awnser .:)

  • Meant more people than you realise. got some words spelt wrong.

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