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is there any link between 30mg codeine phosphate tablets and rls been given tablets because my back/hip is playing up and going from 3 hours sleep a night to three decent nights sleep and feel good apart from pain, this has happened before after operation on same tablets [ could just be tablet knocking me out at night ] i know but will take this short break from rls anytime even in pain thanks for reading

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  • Codeine can help for RLS. its a mild opiate and opiates work for most people who have RLS.

  • thanks for reply would it be worth talking to doctor about this its a different one that i see for my back/hip but i have been told there additive as is most meds i suppose

  • Many people use opiates as there regular RLS treatment,most commonly Codeine and Tramadol x

  • Carol1948. I have had RLS for 40 years when mine srarted doctors had no idea what it was then so i took co-codamol bought them myself . Took 2 every night and got a goodnight sleep. But i now have IBS and i think it was the co-codamol that caursed it i may be wronge but anyway if im having an awfull night i take 2

  • I had terrible back pain a while back and took codeine and not a sign of rls. I now use pramipexole but top up with Co-codomol if it's bad. Self medicating not prescribed!

  • thats the same medication i,m on with the codeine getting a decent nights sleep first time in many years so i know what im going to do from now with consent from doctor of course

  • I use codeine too, but only when the symptoms are bad as I found the tablets didn't work so well after a while.

  • I also take a codine phosphate with my ropininrole at night. It helps me to sleep.

    Doctor say's it's ok.

  • Hi Nick... I have for some reason not been getting any notifications from this site until today and I noticed the site had a 'see who is near you' button and you are not far from me.

    Looking at your post you mentioned codeine and how it helped. I have had RLS for many years and I found when taking co-codomol my legs were less lively so I asked my GP for codeine on its own which like you helped at night. To cut a long story short I am now on the Neupro patch at 4mg of rotigotine which almost alleviated all my symptoms but around 6pm my legs would literally kick off. After much trial and error I take 3 codeine and 3 tramadol around 5:30pm and my legs are good for the rest of the day. On the very odd occasion when RLS wins after 4 hours I repeat the dose but watch out if you have to be up early the next morning because you will sleep like a log.

    I hope this helps you.

    Regards Jeff.

  • Hi Jeff

    I am interested in the fact that you have taken tramadol and codeine. I am on 1800mg Gabapentin and 200mg of Tramulief which is a slow release tramadol. I still have quite a lot of pain and whilst my doc would not increase the Gabapentin he said that when the pain was bad I could take Zapain which is a 30/500 codeine and paracetemol mix. I was a bit unsure about this as suggested that there were contraindications. Did the codeine and tramadol adversely affect you at all?

    Best wishes


  • Hi Martin

    I have been taking codeine and tramadol cocktail for some time now and the only problem is very occasionally I get a bit constipated. I have recently had a total knee replacement and I told the doctors in hospital about my cocktail and after intakes of breath they said that as I was not going over 8 tablets a day it should be fine without any worries of addiction. I might add that my GP knows I take them because she prescribes them.

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes..... Jeff

  • I was on codeine for many years but because it had Tylenol in it switched to Dilaudid it worked fine .It was stopped abruptly because I had a cardiac arrest .I am not allowed it now.Since then have suffered nearly 24hours a day with RLSalso whilst in hospital was thought to have cliff which as you all probably know is usually from antibiotics.Ihad the worst attacks of RLS all over the body.I have to say I threw a spasm with the nursing staff who would not call my GPSaying he was not on call so would not give me anything for relief.I am an RN An RSCN and a Midwife and I was not about to tolerate this attitude.i eventually won out I dare say I had a star against my name but the nursing care left a lot to be desired.i see that the iPad has corrected what should be Cdiff.allin all I was not Avery happy camper never mind being given a lecture in front of another patient by my cardiologist for taking opiates as he called would have thought I was ou raping and pillaging for them instead of a legitimate prescription from a responsible GP.

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