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How to watch RLS show outside of UK

OK folks this is going to be short and sweet.

I use tunnel bear as it allows you to choose where your connection is coming from, (click on England) and it is free up to a certain limit and you can get more by sharing on fb:

For the Luddites out there IT IS NOT ILLEGAL in any shape or form and many recommend using them as added security. So no fears of the SS kicking in your door when you settle down with your cuppa to watch part 2!

Anyway there are a wide variety of VPN's out there so find what suits you. There are set up instructions here:

FAILING that - I am sure it will be available via a torrent site such as EZTV or KAT, this is not so legal but very doable:

is the programme that will let you download it and you will find the link for the download on:

Some places/providerws block torretning but it can be done using the OPERA browser and enabling Opera TURBO in the settings, browser from here:

Instructions how to torrent with OPERA from here:

Hope that gets you all viewing the show.

Take care.

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Great " brief " post Raffs 😈

And for those on Saorview in Ireland - ch 5 is at the end of the menu. 272 on mine. Also there is a ch 5 +1 on 278 ( on mine)

If you can't find it you may need to re setup the station list.

Ha-just watching ch 5 to check this out- and the ad for the programme appeared. Brilliant.😆


It was as brief as I could make it, and I guarantee people will see it and think its impossible, but it is dead handy to create a VPN or to torrent it.

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