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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi I'm 50year old female I think I have rls I have had this for past 6yrs been to doctor twice was fobbed of was told to lose some weight the pain in my legs are extremely painfully when I sit down and even worse at bed time can't sleep for pain it's excruciating fell like crying get max of 3 hrs sleep up and down all night pain runs up side of legs calf's thighs I'm on my feet all day dredging to sit down or go to bed need some advice please I also have rare condition called sweet syndrome x

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Hi Cat66- and welcome.

I'm not sure if what you describe is actually restless legs syndrome.

That is defined more by an absolute urge to move your legs to relieve a tickling feeling rather than absolute pain. Although some people do experience pain as part of the syndrome.

What medicines are you on and how does sweet syndrome manifest itself?

Again- if you read through some recent posts , you will get some ideas that may help you.


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They haven't put me on anything yet although I'm on other med for other things I'm going back to c docs to get some answers can't cope with this and my other problems my.i had my ss for 9 yrs but was only diagnosed 6 yrs ago as it's so rare it's a skin disorder which affects mostly women I got it through throat infection though you can get it through trauma or stress it comes in a form of ski lesions which multiple and are very painful and can last up to 3 months it's to do with ur emune system and blood cells which leaves scars all over ur body if I get cut or scratch it brings it on I have to get blood counts done every year as it related to leukaemia you have no energy

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There is a list of contraindicated medicines on this site.


Worth checking out.


Thanks I will.


Agree with Madlegs1


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