Move-over FODMAPS and yes Salicylates can aggravate RLS..IN SOME PEOPLE

Based on FODMAPS and those foods I should avoid based on this article and my known food allergies I am left with golden delicious apples, tapioca flour, maybe white rice (not brown), maybe white potatoes without the skin, ripened and peeled pears, cooked cabbage or kale once a week, arugula, frisee, romaine, cooked bok choi, maybe certain mushrooms, saffron, butter from Italy or France, lamb, wild caught fish but probably not salmon, loose leaf white tea, sea salt, maybe water :)

Bon appetit

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  • Lot of reading there.😈

    At its simplest , I'm taking it to mean eat simply and varied. If experiencing problems try eliminating inputs.

    It's so frightening about that Aberdeen researcher who blew a whistle and how he has been treated. But , then , I have a particular sympathy for whistle blowers.

    Keep up the good burrowing 'tredlight'


  • Too much reading for me. I have no idea what this is about so I'll just tell you that I've been strictly following the low fodmap diet for about 3 weeks now. Very, very promising so far. Right leg is 90% calm. Left leg about 60%. It is getting better every day and I'm almost (not yet) getting excited.

  • Then definitely just stick to that diet. Happy for you Basics!

  • Westin Price was quite a pioneer in nutrition, having been all over the world studying different diets. His foundation continues to do good work. I will be avoiding salicylates to see if it helps another condition.

  • Interesting about the researcher. When the author of the book, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, first came out doctors dismissed it as quackery. As it turns out he's probably more right than not.

    I want to find out once and for all what if anything in my diet is causing the fatigue, headaches, cystitis and of course the here today, gone tomorrow RLS. I'm taking EVERY food substance that science has found to date that may trigger conditions such as mine out of my diet.

    So the short list begins with LECTINS, which are essentially plant toxins that can lead to leaky gut and auto-immune diseases, among other conditions. The worst offenders such as grains (all including rice), soy, nuts, seeds and dairy are also forbidden in the FODMAP diet to some extent I believe. I'm also eliminating other high lectin plants such as garlic, kale, the very bitter lettuces. Soaking overnight, boiling, sprouting, will in some cases get rid of some of these lectins, but I'm just doing strict avoidance for now. Then there's high OXALATE foods that I am also avoiding. Add to the avoid list SALICYLATES (aspirin like substances in food) and SAPONINS (soapy substance in food) as well as my known food allergies and all I am left with is the above foods in my post.

    It's ok, I've wanted to do something like this for a long time, but it's really only very recently that the picture is unfolding regarding what foods contain what allegedly hazardous substances - at least to highly sensitive persons (HSPs) such as myself.

  • Oh and legumes - the food of the devil.

  • Good luck to you on your culinary journey. Keep us informed - if you have any strength! 💀

  • Did I mention the nightshade vegetables - tomatoes, peppers and potatoes? Most of the lectins are concentrated in the skins and seeds however.

  • I have found that pears upset me but the rest of your diet is about the same as mine. I am now trying to re-introduce foods. I think I can tolerate some milk (Its a bit early to be sure but I think I can take about 250ml per day) so that's progress.

    I eat mountains of Basmati rice with no ill effects.

    Confusing disease isn't it.

    Good luck


  • Sure is! I want to take potentially offending foods out of the equation and see what symptoms I'm left with - and not just RLS but other annoying conditions. Do you ever use the iron as a back up for bad nights?

  • Yes I started taking very large Doses of iron and found it helped a bit but the dose was dangerous . I started on ferrous diglyncinate and it helped a bit so I have continued with that just because I don't want to give up anything that might be helping. I have missed the iron for three days in a row by accident and iI didn't notice any ill effect. I thought it might have a long term effect as well as the immediate effect some people report. In my case FODMAP worked 80%. I still woke about 2am and had to walk around for about an hour and then slept the rest of the night. On the low chem diet I sleep 8 hours every night except when I deviate from the diet to try reintroducing some food. Up now at 4am because I had a willpower failure and decided that just 4 little chocolate confectionary things wouldn't hurt. They did!

  • UNREAL!!!! Maybe one day they will realize that RLS is what I call a "tipping point" condition. Like I said in another post, we have to keep pulling ourselves back from the edge of that RLS cliff. And everyone's cliff is slightly different but there is a lot of overlap. Please, please, do not take iron night after night. It should only be an emergency med for you. I would never say that if you were anemic but you are not. It will work better too - meaning more of it will be absorbed when you need it. I will keep you posted how the diet is going if you keep me posted. ;)

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