All over body RLS and sertraline

Hi all

Since starting on sertraline I have been experiencing RLS a lot worse, so I am coming off it. Does anyone know if there is a link between sertraline and RLS? I have also been taking 400mg magnesium per day (started 3 weeks ago) and it has made no difference at all.

I am wondering if it could be a nerve issue in the spine, but that would not seem to make sense as to why I get it all over my whole body.

Can anyone shed a light on any of this?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Sertraline is an anti-depressant and most all anti-d's will make RLS worse. Hence body RLS.

    Are you taking any meds for your RLS. Magnesium doesnt work for RLS for everyone, it didnt help mine.

  • Yes! If you google search "sertraline and rls" a load of reputable references will appear to confirm that sertraline (Zoloft) is an antagonist for rls.

    If you come off it you may not experience immediate relief due to halflife effects and possible withdrawal effects.

    As Elisse says , magnesium helps some people, but should be in the form of citrate or glycinate. Mg citrate is cheaply available in HnB. I use 200mg about 3hrs before bed and it does seem to help. Mg oxide is useless- but offered as mg by many unscrupulous manufacturers.

    You would imagine that a product labelled " Natural elemental marine magnesium" would be the bees knees. Utter marketing rubbish- it is just cheap mg oxide!!!!!😠

    Another form is to make up a solution of epsom salts and water ( not tap) half and half , and rub the 'oil' on your legs or arms before bed. It may sting a little bit- if very bad , just wash it off. This worked well for my daughter in third trimester of pregnancy.

    Rls is very commonly exacerbated by spinal surgery- so you are correct to assume a correlation.

    All the very best.

  • Ah thank you. I've just checked and mine is oxide!


  • I'm off the sertraline now, and it has made it a bit better, but now trying lots of other things such as cutting down on salt, sugar, caffeine. I am also having a blood test. Just trial and error.

  • Wow, same thing is happening to me, thanks for posting. RLS started all of the body, I'm a zombie at night any more.

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