Can piriton aggravate rls and plmd

I fairly certain my son has plmd and possibly rls. I am in indending to bring it up with the doc as my lad has some issues akin to ADHD. Well long story short he needed to take piriton for an allergy issue and my normally sweet son turned into a jekell and hyde for something that supposed to have a sedative effect just made him act more hyper. So I am wondering anyone has a negative experience with this anti histamine.

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  • Hi, anti histamines are known to make RLS worse, so probably why your son couldnt stay still.

  • Keeping still LOL he would have put an Olympic gymnast to shame. I don't know how much more of this the sofa can take. Or my sanity for that matter.

  • How old is your son?

  • He is 7 but I have suspected plmd for some time as he is twitching and limb moving almost constantly in his sleep since quite a young age . Plus he can be asleep for 12 hours and his eyes look as red as if he hasn't slept a wink when he gets up in the morning.

  • Yes definitely will send symptoms nuts for most of us,Its worth also making a note that antisickness/nausea and most antidepressants will have the same negative effect.

  • I thought it might have an effect just wasn't expecting this magnitude. Unfortunately it was something he had to take as his body seemed to over react to a ring worm rash . The plmd is not diagnosed but given this effect and what i have read in scientific studies regarding ADHD and plmd I'm going to push the doc for a sleep study I think.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the other meds to watch out for.


    If you go to the treatment section and scroll to the bottom there is a list of meds and foods to avoid.Hope he is not a little boy as icecream can be a trigger for some sufferers!

  • Aww no not ice cream .

  • I kind of see my visit with the doctor going along the lines of he's ADHD and not listening to my concerns about his sleep. That's the vibe of the initial visit I got from the nurse. I can only hope the doctor will listen.

  • Melatonin and antacids such as Tagamet and Zantac can also aggravate RLS. Oddly enough, ADHD drugs such as Ritalin may help both conditions but check with your doctor about that. Does your son enjoy listening to music? Putting music on at night may help him fall asleep and stay asleep or even "white noise" such as from a fan, but once again check with your doctor. Lastly, a child's dose of liquid iron taken at night (by itself not with other vitamins) before bed may help, but again, check with your doctor. My son is 16 and I know there is nothing more painful than to see your child suffer. I would rather have RLS 24/7 than see my son suffer.

  • You are right its not nice seeing them suffer :( .

  • So how did he do last night? When my son was little he needed a minor surgery to correct a hernia. I learned that sedating drugs have the opposite effect on kids, they make them hyper. And vice versa. So that may explain the Piriton's effect on him. Good luck and keep us posted as to how he is doing.

  • Well the night I wrote that post we had a horrendous time getting him to sleep. Not pleasant it involved a lot of screaming by bedtime he was well into manic tiredness not had a night like that for months :( . I didn't give him the antihistamine today and he was a little calmer bedtime was restless but no screaming. It just a vicious cycle though, the more sleep debt he incurs the harder it is for him to sleep the next night.

  • Here's an interesting commentary on "white noise" and ADHD:

  • I take piriton for hayfever all summer and found that the generally recommended dosage was way more than I needed, although I get quite intense hayfever and reactions to insect bites. Has not interacted with my rls so might be worth reducing the dose by 75%.

  • Yes, I agree that Piriton might not be as bad as some antihistamines in terms of RLS. For what it's worth, Piriton is an H1 receptor antagonist (I believe) while Benedryl and the like are H2 receptor antagonists. Hopefully more research will be done one day.

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