Restless Legs Syndrome


Hi, everyone. Hope you are not suffering too badly right now.

I have a few health issues that I seemed to have collected since I turned 50. RLS being one of them and not the worst. I purchased the copper Halcyon Bracelets quite a few months ago and they work really well.

I believe that most of my problems relate from the stomach, i.e. digestive issues and not getting the required vitamins etc from food.

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Hi corribee and welcome.

Glad the halcyon bracelets seem to help you. They did nothing for me except reduce my bank balance.

There are a lot of vitamins and minerals that help a lot of people on this site and if you use the search engine above, you can see what others find helpful.

I do take a lot of vitamins and follow a very strict diet and take meds ( gabapentin & codeine) but the RLS still breaks through every night.

I hope you find a solution that gives you some relief.



Hi Corribee,

Thank you for sharing that the bracelets work well for you. For most of us unfortunately they do not. There are many past threads regarding these bracelets on this discussion forum. As the bracelets are working so well for your RLS, I am wondering whether another HU forum can help you more than we can with your digestive/stomach issues.

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Welcome to this forum but I don't think it's the right one for you as this Is for rls good luck to you


Most stomach problems are not from lack of certain nutrients, but from over nutrition, especially meat and dairy which have no fiber or complex carbohydrates, the two most important factors for digestive health. Do a search on digestion, stomach, gerd, etc at and nutritionfacts.Org to get help changing your diet. Food is the best medicine. At download the coloring book, that's right, in 25 or so languages, called FOOD POISONING. It shows clearly in pictures which foods randomized trials have shown to be poison for your stomach, heart, etc., and which ones are medicine providing all the nutrients, energy, and FIBER needed for health and reversal of disease. It will help but not cure RLS. Suggest u take off bracelet and write down RLS symptoms if they return, then check them against known symptoms at or other reliable sources such as this site. If real RLS symptoms return, then go away when wearing bracelet, thank your lucky stars for being the one in a million for which it works. Let us know when it stops working as most RLS meds/cures lose efficacy over time.

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Have you tried digestive enzymes? I have found that hydrochloric acid capsules and digestive enzymes with a full spectrum of things in them work the best for me (I am now 65.) As one gets older both hcl and enzymes decline. I started out using one of each, but now I need less of the hcl (depending upon the food- ie - a bowl of chili needs both.) I make sure to take them when I take various supplements also. Generally, I take the vit/mins with my food, so the enzymes do double duty.

One gets to be able to tell which is needed. Otherwise, I used to get what I called 'non-digestion" where food would sit in my stomach for hours and then start to bubble. Often times people are given anti-acids when in actuality they need the acid. In fact, the natural hydrochloric acid of the stomach, which is produced when you eat something, triggers your stomach to start producing the rest of the needed enzymes - lactase, lipase protease ,etc.

You can read all about digestive enzymes for yourself, in various places. They worked for me!


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