Changes to the site

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would write a post to clarify a few issues that are being brought up with regard to the platform’s upgrade.

First, we’re glad you’re here. I know it was a pretty frustrating experience for some of you to get back into the platform at the re-launch. We’re really sorry about that.

Some of the headlines-

What happened to notification emails?

When we launched there were, as many of you know, a number of technical hiccups. To better control the situation we temporarily disabled notifications. We did this to limit the amount of traffic to the site (we send over 2.5 million emails a month) in an effort to limit the number of people who might run into the bugs. These notifications will be turned on again next week (the week starting Jul 15).

Why was I having problems logging in?

We tested the system across all browsers including iPad/mobile before we launched but sometimes you can’t replicate real life, and login was unfortunately what suffered the most in this. Most of the early login problems are now fixed, but a few people may still be being logged out when they are browsing. We’ll have that straightened out soon.

Where’s my badge!? Why are my photos psychedelic/upside down? etc

Almost all of these type of issues we are aware of and on our list of fixes over the coming few days. We have had to prioritise the most urgent ones first. You can go to or email to help identify any you think we might have missed.

Where are my blogs?

As most of you have noticed ‘blogs’ have been renamed to ‘posts’. However, all the same content is still there. A lot of users told us they were daunted by the idea of blogging when they first joined the site so ‘posts’ are aimed to make it easier and more welcoming.

Some information on the bigger bugs

Can’t login with username / email - fixed

Links in activity feeds lead to an error page - fixed

Usability issues with internet explorer 10 - fixed

Links from public profile lead to an error page - fixed

Changing password from account page not working - fixed

Changing password from the ‘forgot password’ link on the login page - in process - it usually changes the password, but might tell you it didn’t.

Finally, thanks for still being here and having the faith in us to get things back on the rails.

Best wishes

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  • Thankyou for the hard work and the updates

  • I hate it !!!!!!!!!!!

  • in the last 30 mins, ive had to log in 5 times !!!!

  • I have tried to email you, but it said I don't have a valid email address? Can you help,

    Thanks Cazbaz

  • it did that to me also

  • its absolutley awfull all the comments all over the place, you cant follow a conversation, its useless

  • Where is the member directory? All we get when we click on members are the ones who have recently joined. I NEED to see the entire thing, and many people have mentioned that to me in conversations. You cannot follow any conversation or a person without scrolling thru the comments. much easier with the entire directory, please, please, please. My email went through 3 times, but thought I would post it here. And, with all the "improvements" an edit button would be extremely helpful, which we have never had on here, like every other site has. At this point if we post and realize that is not how we wanted to say something, we have to delete the whole post and start over, another waste of time. please, please?

  • You tell me can't find it only new members like me saga site


  • I did not have it when you said you did. But, it showed up a couple days later. They must have rolled that out slowly.

  • Thank you for the edit button! ;) now how about the member directory? ;)

  • Get it sorted out post are all over the place

  • Everything is STILL messed up, the log-in thing, the member directory, and you cannot find the posts or msgs you want to find ever unless it shows up on the news feed" . I suggest you go back to square one and start over. I used to check this site every day, but not NOW. IT is scrambling my brain. Whoever did these "improvements" needs help. And, changing blogs to "posts" gives it a whole different meaning. If you can add a "recommend" button, you can certainly add an edit button, which we have been asking for over a year now. Please, to the powers that be, HELP! I do not even dare send new people here, because it is a MAZE of confusion, and yes, I have emailed several times,. I now I speak for almost everyone here! ;)

  • there is an edit button !

  • The support page is useless for these glitches. FYI

  • one more time, I just tried to create a new post, not a question, a post (former blogs). I spent 20 minutes on it, with lots of good information, was signed in, and it would let me crate it, because it said I have to sign in. I do not have this kind of time to waste. Good Grief! This is impossible!

  • Am I seeing this right? It looks to me that no one except nightdancer and tallula have been on here for ages now.

    There are no new posts , questions or whatever! As far as I can see....

    Can anything be done about the fact that on my android I have to start to read any comments by scrolling down to the bottom and then going upwards to read responses in order , then I have to go right down to the bottom again to write a response. Is anyone else seeing this? Hello everyone....I'm back.....been really busy this last week with family , friends and work x x x

  • Totally agree with all this

  • i haven't been on since the changes and looks to me like not much been said hardly any post has it really been that quiet round here ? on the old one always new post every day usually a few at least there used to be two rows one post and the other erm.... oh i forget lol questions and post i think lol im knackered ... need sleep lol but im not liking this one bit im lost on here and they say calm for RLS and they change this to mess about on lol Xx

  • What about the member directory. Sometimes we do not know the name of the person we are looking for, so the search is some help, but not entirely taking care of the issue.

  • ?? if you dont know the name of the person your searching for, how is a directory going to help ??? you need the name to do a search !!!

  • the "old member directory" listed ALL members, so if you wanted to follow someone's posts, all you had to do was click on their name., Now it only shows newly joined members, which is quite inconvenient.

  • ? but if their posting (and not a lot of us are), then their posts are there for you to follow, just click on their name, the same way as usual,

  • Sometimes you want to look and see the last time a certain person posted, and you cannot do that any more. IT was way more convenient the way it was before, and the chair agrees, as do lots of other older members who are used to having the whole directory. You just started posting, so may not realize the value of having the entire directory. It was much easier for what I used it for anyway. It is nice to see the over 1100 members in one list. That's all I am saying. We liked the old way better, some of us, and there is no reason why Unlocked cannot do that, and out it back the way it was. ;)

  • i do, i know that its easy to send messages to members, not that they allways welcome them

  • Really, you should let the chair say that themselves if that is what they want surely, you cant comment for them !, and i dont see as it matters how long ive been posting either, and no i dont see any value in having a directory, why do we need to message people if they are not posting, im sure they can see your posts, and respond or message you as they wish, and im sure change is good, it's progress after all isnt it, and im all for progress, maybe we should worry more about progress for research into our illness, and not worry so much about the old way of doing things on here, im sure admin are doing a good job with the changes, and if certainly hasnt hinder you or i from commenting.

    We get to use this site for free, info and advice included, so really im happy to use it as it is, works fine for me, so im not going to knock it, im thankfull for it.

  • Actually, tiredparent has said she preferred the whole directory, its on here somewhere... Changes to anything are hard to get used to, and we are all adapting to the changes of the forum. It takes time. :)

  • i still say its up to tiredparent or the chair to comment for them selves, im sure they are capable of it, but tiredparent is "vice chair" and nightdancer had said "chair" ;)

  • Wow, are you seriously going to jump on every word? I have gone 7 nights with no sleep. Both the chair and the vice chair have said this way back when the changes started. Why do are yyou getting so worked up over a comment on the directory? We happen to like it the old way that it was set up, and that is our opinion and Rosie did say that liked that she liked the entire directory, and also mentioned the member search button. Different people use the site in different ways, and I found that having the directory was extremely helpful and DID make things easier for me, for PM's, etc and apparently some others as well. I see no reason to have this turn into an issue, when we were just commenting and doing what Unlocked's Matt wanted us to do. List our ideas and problems. It is not that big of a deal, so, this is all I have to say about it. It is seeing a list of names ,for goodness sake, not moving a mountain. LOL

  • As a member of this site, i do have as much right as you to have my say, dont i, you are listing your preferences so am i, why accuse me of jumping on you ? and i stand by what i said, comment for yourself but you should'nt name people in your comments realy, thats entirely up to the individual to have their say, whoever they are !

  • of course you have as much input as anyone. We are just trying to get you understand that we are going thru change and change is hard, and everyone has a right to state their suggestions, as have many people here. No one is saying that anyone has more right than anyone else. ND only said that she would like the old form of the directory back and Elisse and a few others on other threads as well. So, please do not read into this anything that is not there. ND made one comment for her suggestion, and this is way too much. Everyone appreciates your views as well. It natter s not whether you are here for 2 days or 2 years, and no one said that. so please let it go. It has been discussed enough, and no more needs to be said on that subject. Misunderstandings of the written word do happen, that happens all the time in any group. so, let's just drop it. I personally liked the old directory also, just to put my vote in.

  • im trying to cope with the changes also, and i think you will find its more than one comment on the same issue

  • I do nothing but research and manage several groups. I have not been spending 24 hrs a day thinking about this web site. We are just giving pour opinions. no need for this. We are all grateful for this site and suggesting changes and helping with the transition is a big deal, especially for us who have been here since the beginning. or almost. ;) We are the ones having the hardest times I think dealing with change, as in any situation. no one is knocking this web site, trust me, or the foundation. just working kinks out on how to get around this site, because it is much different than it was. Change takes time. I made one comment about getting the member directory back. That's it, at least that is what was intended at the start of this, juts making a request for a feature I truly used every day. I have nothing else to say on that subject. We all like this web site and the support group, so we are trying to help make it is a simple as possible. no malicious intent here at all ;) Happy Friday!

  • We have passed on all the comments to HU and are waiting to hear their responses. We will let you know!

  • Thank you, Rosie! My comment below was supposed to be a "reply" to sister3. sometimes the replies are not showing up where we expect them to. ;)

  • This thread is for changes to the web site. We can solve the RLS world problems on other posts. We are just talking about the web site itself her. That is the thread. ;)

  • As i have made just one mention of RLS on this thread, and it was not out of context, as it is a RLS site, see no good reason for you to put this reply to any of my comment's, as i WAS talking about the site here, !!!!

  • totally agree with you sister3 if you don't know the person your looking for then hows the directory going to help lol of course if the person has messaged then obviously you'll have the name in your message :)

  • Really like the recent activity page when you log in!!!!!!!

  • Sometimes I like to look at OLD activities to go over things that have already been posted before.

  • Oh .....and I can press the little arrows now and it put the conversations in the right order.......BRILLIANT. THANKYOU !!!!!!!!

  • yes me too !!!

  • I am confused by how this site now works, most things like this are intuitive to use , or should be, I don't feel that it is at all shouldn't my posts appear on my page with replies etc, I haven't made many but one I made some time ago has gone.

    BUT as a person who does mess with web sites and write a little software I have great sympathy for whoever is doing this task , so well done so far I am sure it will come right in the end...

  • We members or the RLS-UK have no control over this. It is the Health Unlocked people doing this. They sent emails out saying that the first changes that they made a miscalculation, and it blew up in their faces, "we were wrong" is a direct quote. a little patience and it will all sort itself out eventually. We are all having issues. ;)

  • I would still prefer to have the whole directory to see ALL members who are on this forum, not just to see those who are "new" to the forum... Even Admin said it was more convenient to see everyone in the directory.

    Why is it that HealthUnlocked cant do this anymore. ??

  • Maybe they will roll it back out. It is the simplest way to find people. you cannot search for someone, if you can't remember their screen name. So sometimes the entire directory was the only way to find someone. I am pretty sure sleep deprivation can cause memory lapses, as is quite evident. LOL I don't see the big deal about putting it back up. Maybe they will get it done yet! ;)

  • Ive seen somewhere on the main hu site that there is a poll or something where you can vote for stuff you would like to see, im sure there is something about the directory there

    or it might be on the hu page on a little flag on the corner which says whats new...I cant go looking now as i have a lot to do and my computer is running like a snail!!!

  • No need too, Tiredparent has said all comments have been sent to HU and waiting for their response.. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been reading through your comments and passing many of them onto our technical team, so please do not feel your comments are falling on deaf ears! I assure you we (HealthUnlocked) are listening.

    We do apologise for these changes causing some of you headaches and we do hope you've seen many improvements over the last weeks. With time we are very confident you will see the benefits of this site over the old one, although I realise change is difficult to come by especially when you are feeling unwell.

    We are entirely aware of the issue involving the members area and seek to find a suitable solution to it.

    In any case, we very much appreciate your patience in the meantime. Feel free to use the 'Feedback' tab to address your concerns so other members can vote on them and we can find solutions fast.

    Best wishes,

    Lora S.

    HealthUnlocked Team

  • I have now had three emails telling me I have a reply from a forum member they appear to have no content, I would have thought that by clicking on them I would be taken to the relevant message.........alas no, I can't even find them. Most frustrating, also you mention the feedback tab, can't find that either, am I gettin something wrong here, how do I find the message you have emailed me about.



  • Sorry for the confusion Miggles - we had the feedback tab weeks ago but don't any longer.

    Maybe the message you are taken to has been deleted?

    If you are experiencing issues, please contact us through the Help button on the top green bar - that's the way we can get to you the fastest and most efficiently.



  • Only just managed to get on since the changes gggrrrrrr couldn't get on with my email or password or.... user name emailed loads to see why only got a reply last night and finally got on took some doing i have to say,

    lots to catch up on and read but not liking the changes why ooooooooh why change something that wasn't broken i don't know daft idea ,

  • WOW.............. why are comments popping up every where but where they should be .......... omg i made a comment and it went half way down the page lol noooooooooooooooooot liking this at all jeeeeeeez feels like Alice In Wonderland down the rabbit hole only thing is someone forget to give me a map ....

  • Hello gypsy Alice....good to see you back.!!!!!! X

  • Thank you Dragon..... lol took some doing to get back on here ggggrrrrrr blumming frustrating i could read comments but couldn't leave on unless logged in gggrrrr anyway I'M BACK....... HAHAHAHAHA lol Xx

  • ohhhhhhhh another thing you don't get email telling you when someones commented on something you have .... tell a lie .. so i know it's working as i got 1 email telling me someone left comment on something i had ...

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