Restless Legs Syndrome
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Has anyone else tried Methadone for RLS? My doctor put me on it a few months ago because I was on Hydrocodone and it just didn't last long enough. Methadone lasts a very long time and works great for my RLS but it gives me a lot of unpleasant side effects so I want to see if anyone else has any similar experiences and/or any advice on where to go from here. I've tried all of the normal RLS meds (Pramipexole, Ropinirole, Neupro patch, Gabapentin, etc.), plus benzodiazepines (Klonopin and Ativan), but opiates seem to work best (Hydrocodone, Methadone). Thanks in advance for any input!

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Were you on the prolonged release version of hydrocodone (oxycontin )? There is some experience of that not lasting the full 12 hrs - but usually only for those on high doses for severe pain relief . Another theory is that some people have a faster metabolic breakdown of chemicals in their body and so the med-usually anaesthetics-is less effective timewise.!!??

In terms of side effects - all opiates have such, of varying severity.

I'm on oxy 10 twice a day. It settles the rls 98.5%- but I get itchyness all over , suffer insomnia and low levels of mood swings. ( Get back in your box Dad!)

I was experiencing shorter time frame for it- but on reflection , I figured hat I had been pushing the triggers too hard. Ie - alcohol, grapefruit juice , and rising agents ( biscuits etc).

No experience of methadone- I did ask for it- but in Ireland t can only be prescribed by a specialist , and I have a very understanding Dr who I preferred to stay with.

Hope this is of some help in your journey to cope with this awful experience.

Cheers .


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