Hot bath and stretches

When my RLS is at it's worse (or if I catch it before then) I take a bath as hot as I can stand it and do leg stretches in the water. It almost always relieves my RLS. And when it doesn't it's usually because I stopped the bath too soon or the water wasn't hot enough... in which case I take another longer hotter bath and do more leg stretches. Works for my arm RLS too.

Even when I was on requip I would occasionally have to do the bath trick.

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  • Moonhunt I agree 100per cent with you

  • 😃

  • I was at 4/5 hot baths a day at one stage - the only l fleeting relief I was getting. I wonder if we designed some trousers that would seal in and maintain hot water over our legs could it work??!!!? Either that or learn to conduct our lives from a bath!

  • Yh i do baths when tabs haven't worked in time but it's a nightmare because baths don't always work as soon as I feel that niggly feeling in my feet I know it's too late and it's hours of trying to sleep and having a young daughter it's so hard wen all you want to do is sleep because rls won't let you

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