Restless Legs Syndrome
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Horizant or Iron Infusion

I am currently being treated for RLS with methadone and while it effectively stops all symptoms, the side effects are more than I want to live with any longer.

In looking for a substitution, Horizant and Iron Infusion are the only other treatments I've not tried.

Can my primary care physician administer and monitor iron infusion? I'm a 9 hour drive from the closest quality care center.

Last, how expensive is horizant, what side effects have been noted with it, and is augmentation a concern? Thank you

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From what i know about Iron infusions in the USA , it has to be done in a proper place not by your doctor. It takes i think a few hrs and not a straight forward procedure. If someone from the USA has had this done i am sure they can tell you more than i can.

It can help some people, but not everyone.

All i can answer you on Horizant is you cant augment on it. The only meds you can augment on are the dopamine meds and VERY rarely Tramadol.


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