Jobless fear due to RLs

Anyone else afraid of losing their jobs or have lost their job due to this condition because I feel as I will sooner or later, I literally have no energy to get up and go to work due to not sleeping and it's affecting me both mentally and physically, I get RLS every night, my doctors don't know anything and said to me it's just cramps and it's normal and that everyone get its and then they told me I am low in iron and recommended iron supplements, I hardly go in to work because of feeling lathargic all the time

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  • Being low in iron -ferritin- may well be a cause of your RLS. Are you taking any medication for the restlessness?

    Can you get a different doctor.

    It's awful feeling the way you are but there are solutions.

    Good luck.

  • Hi sul03 ,,Have you had your iron checked if not ,you should ,9-10 that's quite often the problem

  • I really feel for u cause I too suffer every night and even during the day, it messes with ur mental health, I lost my job after 10yrs due to chronic back problems but im now unable to look for work for the same reasons ur afraid of loosing urs, up all night and exhaustion the next day, there are medications to help ease yr symptoms, go and see a different doctor and push for more understanding cause this syndrome isnt understood and took seriously enuf x

  • Iron can make a tremendous difference. My rls has got a lot worse having forgotten to take my iron for a couple of weeks

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear your situation. And yes i have lost few jobs due to my RLS Issue. In fact my last job i used to get my feet swelled standing all day long because i couldnt sit and work on my workstation. And then every night i would stay up and walk around the house like a ghost. At that time i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and few months later i had to say good bye to my job for good as it was an impossible task for me to get up in the morning and go to work.

  • Poor thing. I too lost my job because I had developed M.E. due to the strain of RLS, not sleeping and low iron. I had to go onto sickness benefit for a while until things evened out and now at over 60, I am OK partly due to Dopamine drugs. Good luck.

  • I left my job for the reasons you stated. I was not functioning. Fortunately, I have had a private disability policy. I started to get better sleep when I went off all prescriptions meds (took a while to get off of them) and then started taking 1250 mg of magnesium malate. I break up the early evening and the right before I go to bed. I am hoping to go back to a job since I am now able to lay down and get some sleep. Wishing you the best.


  • I lost my career of 20 years recently I had been coping - just about with the severe RLS but I was falling asleep at work and family life had all but stopped. I then developed ME which was the final nail in the coffin.

    I have now been told by 3 drs that my health will remain poor and I'll never be fit to work again yet the pension people are being b@stards and saying I might someday get better, (despite having chronic problems that are only to get worse). SO not only am I missing my job, social aspects of working life and now I have money problems to add to the misery.

    It is very tough losing work you love and that gave some meaning to your life and worse because so few understand. AND don't get me started looking for benefits - great that they are and thank God for them and the peoples taxes that pay for them, but they don't make it easy to access. God knows how people in countries without a welfare system get by.

    Take care and read the advice on here look to the Iron especially low iron can be a killer on the energy levels - people with RLS can't store it effectively. You can get them there is cannabis and Kratom which are illegal in many places but very effective at treating the RLS and insomnia.

    Good luck.

  • i know how you feel im a postman and survive on 3 hours broken sleep a night and have to drag myself to work fall asleep on breaks and have nodded off at the wheel a few times lucky it was a rural destination and the grass verge woke me could off been alot worse find myself really lucky i didnt hurt anyone or worse

  • Usually with RLS there is something else going on like hidden thyroid or liver metabolism problems. Spinal stenosis in vertebrae pressing on the nerves causing pain in different locations. Stress increases episodes as well. Sitting too long, standing too long etc also contribute. Iron and magnesium levels also contribute. We have to dig and educate ourselves in order to find the correct formula for what is ailing us and its not an easy task as we are all individuals. Theres no one size fits all deal. Age also adds to the dilema with increasing ailments. Diet is more important than we think. We love our comfort foods. Ropinerole is helping me but i take the least amount I can get away with because each day is different. I cut the 2mg pills I have in half and take a half when I feel it ramping up. I just know when the tension starts that it can and will kick in. However I drag around from the meds as the make me really tired. I want to over eat to get energy. Sugar or carbs which only make it worse. I've had the nerve condition since I was 15 and no one knew what it was. I definitely dont think its a sleep disorder like they say. It acts up during the day as well. 52 years of the same problem. The sad thing with our medical system is that they treat the lab tests not the people. Labs do not show all especially thyroid conditions. Our bodies get out of wack and they throw drugs at us sometimes making it even worse. God bless us all and give us the knowledge to see what we truly need to help ourselves with the help of our doctors.

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