I've been reading everyone's posts..and am amazed to find so many suffering abs in multiple body areas.

I an 46.and for as long as I can remember I have had RLS. As a child I was given a different reason for why I felt this way. Caffeine..too much/ little exercise..sugar intake..and so on. Nearly every woman in my family suffered with bouts of it..yet had no name for it. Just called it"The Jimmy Leg".. I only suffered occasionally as a child. At around 30 the frequency and intensify increased to almost nightly. Now at 46 I can expert it nightly. And my arms have joined the party. I think some nights in going to lose my mind. I was officially diagnosed in my 20s. Found medication ineffective. And I still stick to grannys advice..a few mins in a nice hot bath. Gives me the relief I need to get much needed rest. If I can't soak..sometimes a hot blanket from the dryer works.. I have found what seems to always set it off is a cool breeze..air conditioning..ceiling fan..and I do my best do avoid direct cool air on my legs. They say massage works. But all it does is set mine off. I have been a massage therapist 13yrs. And hate that out doesn't work for my situation. I'm doing my best to stay off the drug therapies. My bath is still working after all these years. Sending healing energies to all who suffer with this.

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  • Glad the hot baths are working for you. it seems heat is what works for you. Where for me the hot baths help while in the hot bath but once out its back to the RLS. I prefer cold on my legs. bedroom must be cold, and i use a free standing fan directed at my legs, also no covers on my legs unless its the middle of winter. lol As you have family members who also suffer you have Primary RLS which i also have. RLS is progressive, so i hope you have many years yet for the baths to keep working for you. :)

  • Glad to hear that the hot baths are helping you, some members find adding Epson salts to the bath useful x

  • I too have suffered since a child. I'm now 54. When little and sleeping with my nan, she'd get me to start off by telling me to wriggle my toes and to keep doing that until they're tired and then slowly working my way up my body. By the time I got to my fingers I was usually falling asleep. Still try that. Sometimes it works and sometimes not... Sending positive irations back at you.

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